An Unlikely Combo, Why it Works!

Let's face it, sometimes experimenting with fashion can be a bit scary.  The first thing people notice about you is what you are wearing, and they have no choice but to judge you by that.  Well, neutrals are always safe, animal print is usually a hit, and of course, black white and red.  But what happens when we step outside of our little comfort bubble and try something not a lot of women have the guts to wear?  Well, you become one of those women who mixes bold prints, wears sneakers with a dress, or colors that "clash".  One of those combos is blue and orange.  It's actually a set of complimentary colors according to the color wheel, and if I just lost you completely, allow me to explain.  Let's take a look.

The color wheel has your primary colors; Red, Blue, and Yellow.  These colors, if mixed together, create your secondary colors between them; Purple, Orange, and Green.  Then you have your tertiary colors, but those don't matter for today's lesson.  Well, every primary color has a secondary color immediately across from it that is it's complimentary color.  Those colors, when it comes to fashion, look great together, but a lot of people choose to NOT wear them together.  A lot of people don't want to wear yellow and purple in the same outfit, unless you're a Lakers fan, or red and green unless it's Christmas.  Blue and Orange, however, looks fantastic together.  In my opinion, it is the easiest one to pair in an every day outfit without getting weird looks, and if you do it correctly, you can stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons, rocking your outfit like you just stepped out of a magazine.  
In a couple days, I will show you three looks pairing blue and orange. Hopefully you can re-create them to the best of your ability or at the very least, be inspired to come up with a look of your own.  But for now, just in case you didn't already believe me, here are a couple pictures of all sorts of different things that show just how beautiful of a combo it is.

Seeeeeeeeeeeee? In a couple days I will show you outfits that you can wear, on a budget.  Showing your color knowledge doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars.  As always, thank you so much for stopping by.  Love you all, stay stylish.  xoxo 

[above photos courtesy of Google and Pinterest.  I do not own Copyrights]

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