4th of July Lookbook 'How to Dress for Independence Day, Without Having to Wear a Flag!

What was that? You need an outfit idea for the 4th of July in 4 days, well what a coincidence, I am here to save the day and hopefully give you time to replicate one of my looks with items you most likely already have in your wardrobe, or inspire you enough to go shopping for some new wardrobe pieces.  I think it's really easy to put on a pair of distressed short and an American Flag tank top and just go full on Miley Cyrus circa Party In the U.S.A.  Buttttttt we don't always have something that flat out has an American flag on it, do we?  I'm here to help.

Let's start with the girly girl....
A great thing to do if you are dressing for a holiday, to keep it from looking too costume-y, is to pick a color scheme, then pick a "theme", and plan your outfit accordingly. It's a very effortless way to dress properly for the day, and not look like you're posing for a calendar.   Here's an example, it's the fourth of July so I'm obviously going with a red white and blue color scheme, and since my dress is navy, I'm going for a nautical vibe. 
 You can go clearly nautical by doing one of two things; wearing anchors, or wearing navy with red.  It's a fool proof color combo that not only looks good together but effortlessly gives you the sailor chic vibe.  As I always say about blue on top or a strong outfit......go nude! On your feet that is! I'm pretty sure you have a blue dress somewhere in that closet of yours, so just grab a red belt and a red necklace and you are done. That simple. 

My dress was a total score, being $4 from my favorite thrift store, but free to me because my awesome mom bought it for me.  My peep toe pumps, in true bargainista fashion, are from Payless.  My accessories are from my work, and add the perfect touch of red without it being overwhelming.  *Vik Tip: If you're adding accessories to a look, don't go overboard once you decide on your color because it will swallow your outfit and fight with your clothes. Notice I'm only wearing a red necklace/earrings set and belt.  If I also added red shoes, red bracelet and a  red bag, it would look really bad and fight with the dress for attention.  

Oh, you're a tomboy.....and hate dresses?
No problem! You can still "dress the 4th", stay patriotic and look fantastic.  For you, you want to start off with a pair of light wash, distressed skinny jeans, and just add a navy blue polka dot blouse for the very slightest bit of femininity.  If you want to add some red, just pair any bracelets you can find (that are red, white, and blue of course) and roll up your sleeves.  And I bet you have some red sneakers somewhere in your closet!  Bust those babies out and finish off your look.

 *Vik Tip: Do the "half tuck" for a planned care free look.  Unbutton the very bottom button of your shirt, and tuck just half of your shirt into your pants.  It looks great with skinny jeans, adds the perfect amount of slouchy-ness to your shirt, and toughens up your polka dot top just a bit.

But what if you are stuck at the office all day?  
You can easily transition a business appropriate suit into an after work outing by switching out two key pieces: shoes and skirt.  Imagine this look at work: a red skirt suit (for the business woman) with a navy v-neck.  After work all you need to do is change your skirt to a tighter, sexier grey bandage skirt.  You can get away with a skin tight skirt because you are going to untuck that shirt you had on all day, and keep your structured blazer unbuttoned.  Since you have slouchy on top, you can have tight on bottom.  Now switch out your low work pumps for some sky high metallic heels and what's left is an outfit that looks a little something like.......

I hope your lifestyle or taste matches one of these looks.  And remember, the 4th of July is in just 3 more days, so you better rustle through your wardrobe to see what you can create!  I hope you all enjoyed this article, thanks for stopping by today! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below, but most importantly, stay stylish. xoxo

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