Cobalt Pants Revisited

Let's face it, we aren't all Oprah.  The vast majority of the population aren't rich enough to wear something once and then never wear it again.  The point of this blog is to teach you how to look good and feel good any age, shape, or budget.  The most important factor however, is the money part.  I am confident enough that I could take any woman, or man, and use their pre-existing wardrobe to transform their look, and they don't necessarily have to buy any additional pieces.  Sometimes, people just need help with styling, not just shopping.  If you must shop though (not complaining), then choose what you purchase wisely. If you don't feel like shopping, learn to wear the clothing you already have multiple ways, to expand your wardrobe to it's fullest potential.

For this article, we are revisiting a pair of Cobalt Pants that played a very crucial role in a previous outfit, where we created a contemporary and modern "suit" suitable for spring and/or summer, no pun intended. Visit the previous article here.  Let's take a look at how I'm wearing the pants today!

For this look we are playing with blue being our pop of color.  Since cobalt is so vibrant it really, well, pops. It's very easy to use red as a pop of color, because you can never go wrong doing the traditional black and white with a pop of red, but if you're ever feeling experimental or daring, try a different color.

To elevate the outfit to another level, I choose gold accessories instead of silver.  I say instead because traditionally I would reach for silver jewelry if I'm wearing blue because it creates a very crisp look.  By adding gold accessories though, it forces people to really pay attention as you walk into the room, and who doesn't want that right?

My clutch is inspired by the Tory Burch Reva.  I have another medallion handbag that was featured in my Parisian Chic article.

Now, let's talk frosting.  Frosting to me is anything that finishes off your look, and it doesn't always have to be jewelry.  Sometimes it's the scarf, the handbag, or even the shoes.  So how do you determine your outfit's frosting for that day? Imagine the look without different pieces, take them off one at a time, and if your whole look changes after removing a specific piece, that's your frosting.  Today's frosting is definitely the necklace.  Even though the handbag makes a statement, and the earrings are super cute and sentimental, the necklace ties them all together.  My necklace, in true bargainista fashion yet again,  was on clearance at Sears....the forgotten department store.

To top off the look, I added nude shoes.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you're wearing blue on top, go nude, on your feet that is.  Nude shoes are also the perfect way to let your outfit shine if you don't want to distract from all the hard work you've put into it that day.

I hope you all enjoyed this article, and it helped shine a new light on how much one piece can be worn different ways.  I repeat pieces all the time from article to article, this one just shined a spotlight on the pants to make sure you didn't miss it, but if you really pay attention, I'm sure you'll notice a lot more than just the pants.  Thank You so much for stopping by today, stay tuned for more fashion tips and outfit stories.  Love you all, stay stylish. xoxo

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