Me Without Makeup: Self Confidence in Young Women

           One of the hardest obstacles I have ever had to overcome in my life was getting my confidence back.  It got taken from me after I got cheated on and it took about a year to rebuild to the point that I truly, genuinely believed I was beautiful inside and out.
            Confidence in young women is one of the things that I try to preach and help out with.  Sadly, a lot of inner confidence comes from outer confidence.  As a fashion blogger I am absolutely a firm believer that the right outfit will make you feel like a million bucks on the inside too.  If you put the right outfit on and walk out the door, you can walk out with more confidence than you usually do.  Outfits cover your body though, not your face, so I often rely on a well put together outfit to look good, not makeup.  Now, don't get me wrong, I usually wear makeup for photos but I don't wear it on a daily basis hardly ever because I am confident and feel beautiful without it.   There is no reason that you should ever not feel beautiful on the outside without makeup.
            Recently, it has become slightly unsettling the amount of makeup tutorials and "my daily makeup routine" videos that I see on YouTube from young girls.   If you're not even a teenager, you shouldn't have to worry about concealer, foundation, bronzer, blush, and which lipstick color to choose that day.  I think women should wear make-up, not little girls. If you are a teenager, and you have a dance or formal, go for it.  If you are 13 and wear mascara and lip gloss that's fine, and the decision as to when a girl can start to wear makeup is evidently up to ones parents to decide but beauty should never come with age.   In other words, beauty doesn't come from makeup when you are older, it comes from confidence internally.  I don't even have to look at you, or know you to know that you are beautiful and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.  In order to prove a point in this makeup driven world, I decided to show you to raw me.  Here I am with a 100% bare face, no concealer, blemishes exposed, un-plucked eyebrows, and freshly washed hair that I let air dry. 
Why am I doing this? Because I'm 22, and I work in a mall surrounded by beautiful women wearing fantastic clothes, and next to a store that has a bad reputation for being "stuck up" and I still feel confident this way, even when they are dressed to the nines daily.   THIS is how I go to work every day, this is how I leave my house every day, and this is how I look when I look in the mirror and feel beautiful.  You should to, and here is how......

1.)  Don't keep a lot of make-up around the house! 
Aside from things like eyeshadow pallets. I like to keep a the most minimal amount of makeup possible.  A good makeup foundation to start with is mascara, lip gloss/chapstick/ concealer, and maybe blush if you want. AND THATS IT!  The less you have the less you can wear, even on the days you want to.  You don't want to rely on a made up face to feel pretty.

2.) Remember the boys.
If you are attracted to men, there is a pretty big chance that you are attracted to men who don't wear make-up.  If your boyfriend is a professional drag queen more power to him but that's highly unlikely.   Just remember that you look at them every day, think they are handsome, and your seeing them without makeup.  Men are good looking without it, and women are too. 

3.) Wake up and look in the mirror.
People laugh at the thought of doing daily affirmations, but they really work for some people.  Wake up and look in the mirror and tell yourself outloud that you are a beautiful woman.  The more you hear it, the more you will believe it. 

4.)  Surround yourself with positivity and people who love you.
 People who love and care about you, will automatically believe you are as beautiful as you are, and they won't be afraid to tell you that.  And hearing how pretty you are never hurt anyone :)

5.) If you must physically do something
 focus on healing your skin by taking care of it and washing it daily, pluck your eyebrows and comb them, even curl mascara-less eyelashes.  The more you just take care of your face, the less make-up will need to "look good".

6.) Makeup is not the devil
I'm not 100% ANTI-MAKEUP, don't get me wrong.  So even after everything I have just said, do not feel ashamed to pamper yourself every once and a while.  Get done up for date night, put on a bright lip, and have fun.  You're a woman, you've earned it.

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