The 'It' Scarf

Sometimes, you just get lucky.  A couple months ago I was shopping with one my good friends, after I got my tax refund, perusing the racks of H&M when I stumbled upon this beyond words amazing scarf, that I instantly fell in love with.  When I checked the price, $9.95, I fell in love with that too.  I hadn't gotten the chance to wear it because I couldn't figure out how to, to be honest.  It sat on my mannequin for a couple days, trying to draw inspiration for an outfit, and then one day it hit me.  I tend to over-think things, and I love prints so much that I kept trying to pair it with other prints, but one day as I was dusting off my bookshelf shoe shelf, I re-discovered my Prabal Gurung for Target neon green heels, that I got with the intention of wearing with other P.G items, and hadn't taken the time since the original outfit, to see how else I could wear them......this is what they look like.  Remember now?

Once I had my shoes in hand, I walked over to my scarf and the outfit just hit me.  I actually had originally planned it with black skinnies, and a grey v-neck long sleeve shirt, but then I realized it was summer, so I obviously had some tweaking to do.  You can easily see how my fully covered outfit transitioned into a summer appropriate look, with just a few quick changes.

I switched out my skinny jeans for loose shorts, and my long sleeve shirt became a boyfriend tee, with a small pocket.  Since I was going to be covered in dark colors though, I added a crisp white blazer to "summer it up" a bit.  Since BOTH my shirt and shorts are loose fitting, adding a structured blazer has to same effect as adding something fitted, because you want to have balance to your look.  And since both the top and bottom are men's inspired, wearing heels created the perfect blend of femininity with masculinity.  It's boy meets girl, in an outfit.

 One final note to add, if you're wearing shorts and heels, somebody is bound to give you a weird look, so don't leave the house in it unless you are fully prepared to rock that hell out of your outfit.  They are clothes, you wear them, don't let them wear you.

And remember, if you're covered up on top, you can show more skin on the bottom.  Hater's gonna hate, but let them.  I think as long as you aren't being too exposed, you are fine.  Rock those legs, it's summer!
Goofing off :)
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