OOTD: Flowers on Top

'A Curvy Girl's Guide to Wearing Corsets as Outerwear'

If you've been paying attention you've seen corsets everywhere this spring and summer.  They look fantabulous if you style them properly, but I couldn't help but notice the same outfit over and over everywhere.  A midriff exposing corset or crop top with high waisted jeans.  Although I can agree than the look is absolutely adorable, it doesn't work for certain body shapes, like mine.  I carry the majority of my weight between my thighs and my boobs, so an outfit like the one just mentioned isn't exactly suitable for someone like me and other women. But once again, why should skinny girls have all the fun?  If you're like me and have major curvature in the hip, thigh and boob area fear not.  I'm here today to show you a cute way to wear those corsets and crop tops.  Here is what I did with mine.  

Believe it or not, this fitted, corset like crop top was only $10!!!! Yes, ten bucks.   It features this adorable dainty floral print and an exposed zipper for a little edge.  To play off of the zipper adding some spunk, I kept the rest of my outfit dark in color, but light in material by pairing my top with a chiffon hi-lo midi skirt from Forever 21.  Now the key to pulling off a corset or crop top if you are curvy, is tucking.  You are going to want to wear something super fitted on top, and tuck that into the bottoms you have on, making sure your bottoms are loose, or flowy for balance.  VikTip* If you have a see through skirt with an exposed lining, make sure that lining falls no higher than the skinniest part of your leg for the allusion of slimmer, longer legs, and a small mid-section.

 My earrings were on clearance at JCPenney, and came in a set with another cute pair of flower earrings.  

 To finish off the look, I added black strappy wedges for added cuteness and comfort at the same time.  Then I added my J. Crew pave crystal link bracelet, and an Hermes inspired cuff from my store.  

Corset: JCPenney (buy it here)
Skirt: Forever21
Wedges: JCPenney
Earrings: JCPenney
Bracelets: J. Crew & Aria
I hope this look inspired at least one woman somewhere to rock a tighter look one day, walk out the door and think, "F**k your skinny standards Fashion Industry, I look good and I know it!"  

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