Pinspired: Blogger Edition- Jessica Quirk of What I Wore

It's been a while since I've done a Pinspired article, so I figured I'd bring it back with another blogger edition. The thing I love about Pinspired articles is rarely will you find me flat out replicate a look. I can browse the Women's Fashion section of Pinterest for hours, and there are a lot of times that I get inspiration for looks that I genuine wear in my every day life, but don't necessarily find the time to share with you all. You can easily get an idea that you never would have thought of in the form of color combinations, or even mixing certain prints. In today's case, I loved the idea of layering a necklace over a very similarly colored shirt and then adding outwear but wanted to adapt this outfit she had on from a cooler weather look to a warmer weather look. First thing that I did was swap out the wool coat for a light, cropped trench perfect for spring. Although my jacket isn't grey, you'll notice the main inpiration came from the top and necklace. The trench is my way of easily transitioning this from late winter/early spring to late spring/ early summer. Next, I opted for a pair of basic shorts, instead of long jeans, but since my top is more vibrant and saturated I went with black instead of the regular denim Jessica has on. Lastly, I mimicked her top and necklace with my neon peplum and matching necklace. Instead of nude pumps however, I went with a pair of leopard ones because....I love leopard print, sooooooo....yeah.
Pumps: Christian Siriano for Payless / Shorts: Kohls / Peplum & Trench: Forever21 / Necklace: Ebay

You see how easy it is to use other women's fantastic ideas an inspiration without "copying" them? I challenge you to get Pinspired and come up with a whole new look for yourself tomorrow!
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