Trend Alert: Embroidered Peasant Blouses

Today, I'm showing you all 2 ways to style these gorgeous embroidered peasant style blouses that I keep seeing all over the freaking place! I've wanted a white shirt with blue embroidery for years and years, but with them trending so hard this year I was finally able to get my hands on one. Every store I have gone into the past couple weeks has these gorgeous gauze embroidered peasant style blouses with tassels hanging from the collar. 

For this first look, I kept is so simple it hurts. With a piece like this, you can just take it easy and not put too much effort or thought into the look and it will still look fantastic.  You favorite pair of jeans and a cute pair of pumps will easily do the trick.  Although nude sandals look good with pretty much anything, I went with my cobalt blue pumps to compliment the thread color on the blouse. 

Blouse: Marshalls / Skinny Jeans & Earrings: Target / Pumps: Macy's Clearance

For this next look, we're still keeping with jeans on the bottom but I wanted to have a little bit more fun up top with a white vest layered over the shirt.  Once again, taking a cue from the embroidery on the shirt, I went with neon green strappy heels.

Blouse & Earrings (old): JCPenney Juniors Section / Denim Shorts: Old Navy / Heels & Vest: Target 
With these shirts, you really can take cues from the threading and embroidery.  Look what colors are being used in the blouse to set the color pallet for your whole look.  If it's a multicolored pattern, stick with jeans a simple nude shoes for a fool proof spring outfit. 
Stay Stylish

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