Holiday Lookbook - Are You Fur Real? ❆

Let me get one thing straight, I'm an animal lover to death.  I would take a bullet for my dog and smash in a car window if I saw someone leave their pet inside it on a hot day.  I love and adore animals and my stance on real fur is simply HELL TO THE NO...but I do enjoy the look of it, just not the real thing. I like to pop of warmth and coziness it brings to a winter outfit, but I'm not about to be wearing a dead animal just to look cute.  I buy the fake, synthetic stuff that way I can get the look without all the animal cruelty, yay!  I've been on the hunt, no pun intended, for 4 winters now for the perfect faux fur vest. No fancy pancy extras like leather trim, or embellishments.  No zipper detail or toggle clasps, just (fake) fur. Well, I finally found one, and wasn't exactly everything I wanted it to be.

You know how there are those items that you stalk for years and years and you finally find the perfect one and it just doesn't look good on you? No matter how much you want it to, it's just not working on your body. Yeah, well evidently a faux fur vest and my curvy body are not friends.  I ordered one online that looked like everything I have been searching for for years now.  To be honest when I received it I was shocked at how much larger it looked than me and I was immediately worried that I may have ordered 2 sizes bigger than I needed, but turns out that's just what happens when you're layering 2 extra inches of poofy hair on your body (sounds delightful huh?).  I think it was one of those pieces that was better suited for either petite women or women with less curve on their bodies.  So, long story short, I returned it.

For the next couple days I just couldn't unwrap my brain from the concept of a faux fur vest (for this outfit I had in mind).  Having finally bought one, only to return it later, I had already had enough of that initial satisfaction of owning one that I decided to continue my hunt. Maybe a different color would suffice, or maybe that fit was just not suited for my body.  This time, however, I took a different stop looking.  You know when you've dated a few different people, none of which have worked out, how sometimes it's best to just stop looking?  The second you're not going out of your way to find your soulmate, he/she will just come into your life, and their absolutely perfect in every way.  Well, that's what I did with my vest hunt and low and behold I found a new, better version of one that ended up being more along the lines of what I was looking for in the first place.

One Saturday evening, after a successful Friends-giving and 6 hours of football games.... one of my best friends and I decided to leave the boyfriends at home and head out to Target to kill some time, and take a break from the overwhelming amount of testosterone that had been filling the house all day.  As we're walking around, Kat finds a faux fur vest...quite a few different styles in fact.  And that's where this one came into my life.  At first, I was completely on the fence about the speckled pattern, which made this vest look more like a deer than anything else, but after a little styling I decided it needed a new forever closet.

I initially left it at the store so I could sleep on it, but when I got back up to Columbus I ended up buying it and styling it a couple different ways with my preexisting wardrobe.  I put it to the final test shooting these pictures for you, and to be honest I'm STILL on the fence. Mainly because I feel like it's just entirely figure flattering.

So, I styled mine with a red tartan plaid shirt, some denim and my all time favorite sneakers.  This look is totally cold weather worthy and completely casual for your winter coffee dates and Netflix marathons that I know you'll be having with your boyfriend or girlfriends! It's comfortable and stylish, and will definitely be on repeat in my life :-)

Converse: Journeys / Jeans: Old Navy / Plaid Shirt: Old Navy / Faux Fur Vest: Target
So what do you think? Is the faux fur thing something you would wear? Is this winter worthy outfit something you would wear? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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