Holiday Lookbook - A Statement Coat ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆

When it comes to coat shopping. I. Hate. It.  Being a bargain shopper 99% of the time, I cringe at the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on one piece of clothing and frankly with most coats there is no way around that. You rarely find deals or bargains on coats that bring them down to a ridiculously affordable cost.  If you are lucky enough to spend $20 on one it's either hideous and nobody wanted it (which is why it's on sale), poor quality, or it's just not that warm and practical.  So allow me to let you in on a teeny tiny secret, one of the only ways to get a warm, fashion forward, quality coat for to wait until summer. Sizes and styles will be sparatic but with a little bit of digging and determination you may find one 

 I picked up this bad boy 2 or 3 winters ago while on end-of-season super sale at Forever21 where all the clearance was an additional half off.  To this day, I can't go out without getting stopped at least once by someone asking where it's from. I've actually started seeing tons of different versions ranging anywhere from $60 - $500 so man am I glad I picked it up when I did.  I really enjoy these other versions from Forever21, Piperlime, Missguided, and ASOS

Point is, if and when you find a great deal on a big, statement piece of winter outerwear do NOT pass it up.  Outerwear is expensive and deals are few are far between.  Even if it's loud and in your face like this oversized cheetah speckled faux fur coat, I guarantee you won't regret it.  

Today, I decided to really dress mine up by pairing it with my shirt from Holiday Lookbook Outfit 4 but this time I layered the blouse over a collared button up.  To complete this amazing holiday outfit, I opted for red tapered pants because they compliment both the black and white top as well as the leopard coat! 

Sandals: DSW / Pants & Blouse: JCPenney / Coat: Forever21
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