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It's the start of the holidays and I'm loving every minute of it.  Stores are bringing out their garland, houses are lined with twinkle lights, and snow is starting to fall and add an extra 25 minutes to your morning commute.  Obviously I love dressing myself in a plethora of outfits, but I prefer comfort and casual.  HOW-EVER....there is something magical about the holiday season that just makes me want to bust out my nice shoes and sparkly necklaces and dress up every day.  I do have my casual days though, and I will be sharing those looks with you I thought I would do something a little different this holiday season. I'm going to rating each outfit on a Glam Scale of 1 - 5 "Stars" (BUT THEY'RE SNOWFLAKES, AH!!!)  1 snowflake being a casual look and 5 snowflakes being a glitzy glam outfit.  Kinda like this ↓

❆  ❆  ❆  ❆  ❆
Casual                                     Glam

 This way, you'll have a second way of knowing what kind of outfit to wear to whatever events you'll be attending this holiday season, based on what the attire is.  Going to a casual house party, browse through my 1 snowflake outfits, a dressy work function calls for a 5 snowflake outfit.  Second date dinner and move might be a 3 star....just be looking out for the snowflakes at the top of each Holiday Lookbook Outfit and enjoy the season.  These outfits will not be stopping come December 31st, because winter is over with the new year! All season long you'll be seeing these snowflake rated looks, so don't be disappointed if you still haven't found just the right one by the end of the month.  My family actually celebrated another holiday on the 6th of January, since we're Puerto Rican.  And some people might just have end of season work parties at the end of the retail season (mid-January) so sit back and enjoy the very first outfit in my 2014/2015 Holiday Lookbook. 

So you have a work party, and you don't feel like getting dressed to the nines after your shift? This look is perfect for you.  You can easily dress up skinny jeans and a sweater by adding a glitzy necklace and some fun heels.  Red shoes added to an all black and white look creates the perfect holiday ensemble and you'll look put together with just 2 easy steps.  Replace your bulky winter coat with a fun leather jacket and you're all set.  It doesn't take long to walk from your car into someones house, or a bar (or wherever your work throws their parties).  Dealing with the cold for a minute is totally worth it for the sake of your cute winter look!

Pumps: Target / Pants: Kohls / Sweater: Joe Fresh (check your local JCP Joe Fresh shop) / Necklace: Ebay / Jacket: Rock and Republic

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