Dressing for the Playoffs (For All You Buckeyes)


If you're not from Ohio, you may wonder why someone is yelling letters at you the first time you hear this. What you should do is respond with a resounding

This season started with every football fan's worst nightmare, our team's starting quarterback was injured....and out for the whole season. "It's ok, we got this!" I lied to myself in my head, fearing that it was be months of watching my boys lose on the field to team's they should have been crushing. To my surprise, our second string quarterback J.T Barrett, after a shaky start and a few adjustments, started crushing it game after game proving that maybe he should have been our starting QB all along (#sorrynotsorry B. Miller).   But after crushing team after team, he crushed.....his ankle.  At that point Buckeye fans across the nation probably thought we were done for. Entering last nights game with our 3rd string QB Cardell Jones leading the pack, we not only ANNIHILATED Wisconsin, but Jones earned an MVP award *tear* I'm so proud.  

Which brings us to this afternoon, 12:30 to be exact. Nate and I sat impatiently in front of the t.v as the 2014 playoff teams were announced, first Alabama, then Oregon, then Florida State and then...the most beautiful words I have ever heard "Ohio State has made the playoffs!" To which I literally fell to my knees screaming, Nate cheering from the couch.  So......in honor of our college's team making it to the playoffs, and hopefully going all the way, here's an all new Fashion meets Football: Playoff Edition! Just for all you Buckeye fans out there.  

What He's Wearing:
Football gear can be fashion foward if you just take the time to look. I surprised Nate with early Christmas gift after I saw this very nice embroidered jacket.  He likes to layer it over any of his Buckeyes shirts to keep it a bit casual, and still his style. Instead of sneakers though, he chose his casual grey men's shoes by Sonoma for Kohls.  

Shoes, T-shirt & Jacket: +Kohl's  / Jeans: +American Eagle Outfitters / 

 What I'm Wearing:  
Now we've been through this a bunch of times, but I'll say it again.  I kinda go into tomboy mode when I'm watching a football game. It's comfort over style when it comes to sports but I'm learning to balance both lately by pairing my oversized men's jerseys and t-shirts with these AH-MA-ZING thick black leggings from Mudd for Kohls, that I actually picked up in the Juniors department.  Shhh...it'll be our little secret.  I like to layer fun plaid shirts over graphic shirts for an extra pop of print and warmth, especially if you go out tailgating before the big game.  Instead of my usual converse though, I opted for knee high boots instead, taking full advantage of the figure hugging leggings.  Topping off my whole outfit with these adorable Brutus earrings we are totally ready for the playoffs. 

Leggings & T-shirt: +Kohl's / Buffalo Plaid Shirt: +Old Navy (similar here) / Boots: Marshalls
What Pokey's Wearing:
Just for fun, we did buy our puggle his own little OSU jersey.  He doens't seem to enjoy it much but everybody else does, and if there is one way for your dog to get free people food it's by putting him in his own jersey! Can you say free cheeseburgers? 

Jersey: Burlington Coat Factory
Well Buckeye ladies AND gentleman....I'm sure you're just as excited for this playoff game as we are, and I hope this fun article may have given all of you outfit ideas, or even just inspiration to add some new sportsgear to your closet. You can shop our looks and browse all of Kohls OSU sports gear by clicking here
As always....

Shop Smart, Look Chic, Stay Stylish,  & GO BUCKS!
-ViktoriaNate & Pokey!

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