Holiday Lookbook - Mixing Prints ❆ ❆ ❆

I worked at a high end baby boutique, which to me was the perfect fit because I got to deal with clothing and newborns all day.  After we lost our son I quit that job, for obvious reasons, and after a month off I picked up another job.  

For once in my life I actually enjoy going to work at this mega-retailer that I now work for, and after starting as simply seasonal I am now *hopefully* going to stay and continue on with the company for a long, long time.  I love being surrounded by dozens of co-workers who have become my second family and actually being rewarded, in multiple ways, for my hard work during the day.  Since money is short with bills and buying Christmas presents...we've had to find tons of places to cut back and try and save money and one of those places is in the coffee department.  Starbucks and I go way back so having to give up my weekly go-to espresso pumped Frappuccino has been really hard for me, it's what get me through the tough holiday workday.  Lately, I've been making a big cup of hot chocolate in the morning and packing it with marshmallows for my morning commute to work.  To me, there is something cozy about hot chocolate. It's like a giant hug one the inside and the perfect way to start your day during the holiday season.  

This outfit, just like my hot chocolate to replace my $6 Frapp, is another way I've been saving money this winter and it's yet another outfit you can wear to any of your holiday gatherings.   This dress, if you don't remember, was featured a way long time ago and that's because it's last year's winter purchase.   Last time you saw it I paired it with cognac leather jacket and yellow necklace.  This year though, I paired it with a cute tartan scarf that I got at my local thrift shop and a vest that I actually stole from my mom *whoops*.  Sometimes, I have to get creative with new looks simply by pairing the items I already own in different ways and this new combination of prints is definitely a favorite. Red plaid and leopard print is one of the few ways that two bold prints work really well together, and you can legitimately style any form of them.  You could do a leopard top and a pair of plaid pants, or a plaid shirt with a leopard scarf, anything really! 

The moral of the story, or outfit rather, is that sometimes money is extra tight around this time of year because all the money spend on other people means less money spent on yourself.   Unless you are blessed with an amazing job that allows you to spend on both, you have to pick and choose sometimes.  Finding new outfits out of your own wardrobe means the urge to go shopping will be diminished and you can save extra money right when you need to be!  

Dress & Shoes (old): Target / Vest: Old Navy / Scarf: Thrifted
I hope this look inspired you all to shop your own closet for the holiday season, and get creative with new looks. 

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