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I’ve always been told I have a very eclectic style, which I take to heart fully and think is the utmost compliment you can give a self proclaimed fashionista.  I didn’t LEARN how to dress myself, I never went to school for fashion and I have a raw, untaught perspective on personal style.  Whenever I hear women everywhere of any and all incomes, shapes, sizes, and styles can appreciate what I have to say....it warms my heart.  I take pride in my personal style, but it comes naturally to me and honestly it's hard to explain my thought process but I try to do my best. 

I like to tell people that any woman with any style could hypothetically shop out of my personal pre-existing wardrobe, and create a look that screams her.  Obviously the sizing might be wrong, but let’s just pretend for a second she magically fit my clothes.  With the wardrobe I have built up, I have put together a perfect collection of clothing that represent different styles, I have rocker woman items like combat boots and leather everything, to girly pieces like sparkly dresses and glitter accessories. Thing is, even with my leather jacket and combat boots, or blush colored ballet flats and pearl necklaces, I never wear pieces of like style together.  that is what makes me unique, and that is why I love getting dressed every morning.  I like to pair the unexpected together and make it work.

Today though, I’m taking full advantage of my ever growing, eclectic sense of style and bi-polar wardrobe to create a fully interactive look book for you all, broken down into 6 styles ranging from the business professional to the rebellious bad girl.  Today, I AM paring leather with leather, and dress pants with my blazers to show you 3 looks per category, that represent a generic style sense that you think you might be.  If you are here because you are struggling with personal style then this is the article for you.  Hopefully, you can relate to one of these styles and with my help I will show you how to dress, what to buy, and where to get it.

This article is here to say thank you and give back in one of the best ways I know how, through my style knowledge.  Today you all get to pick my brain, I am teaching you how to hone in on your personal style so you can start building up your wardrobe and let your clothes express your personality that much more! Every style sense has a wide range of women who can fit into it, it's just about finding a way to express yourself then putting your own special twist on it.  But how do you know exactly what style people perceive you as? How do you perceive yourself?

 Simply click on the style you think is yours, and you will be taken to an in depth article just for you and your specific style sense where you can learn what to buy, where to shop, and how to style it! Let's get started...

If you think this is your style, then listen up! You may not necessarily dress “like a boy” but you have mastered how to style clothes from the men’s department to fit a woman’s wardrobe. You are simply inspired by male fashion trends like...
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The Business Woman
You are the type of woman who always reaches for a great trouser, rather than ripped skinnies. You probably love a great classic pump rather than sexy, club worthy stilettos. And when it comes to
...(Continue Reading, click here).

The Rocker Chic Chick
When I'm not busy being a total bro you can usually find me rocking my spiked toe Steve Madden combat boots. I bought them in Vegas a couple years ago, and they quickly became my all time favorite shoes. There is something kick ass about a great combat boot, and I absolutely love the feeling I get whenever I wear them. If you get that same rush after wearing a "don't mess with me" piece like my combat boots, be it a...
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The Bohemian Girl

Let's say you go shopping, you probably love those off the beaten path stores like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. If you think you are a Boho girl, you probably like to wear items that are comfortable and loose fitting because your...
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The Preppy Princess
Preppy fashion to me is about looking expensive and mastering how to style.  A lot of preppy looks depend soley on styling and although a certain brands and stores are notorious for their preppy inventory, you really can shop anywhere and if
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The Super Feminine Fashionista 
(a.k.a the girly girl)
This is probably the easiest style sense to relate to, so if you are a super feminine fashionista you probably already know you are.  In case you are unsure though, let's clarify a few minor details.   You're out shopping and look down at all the things you have picked up already. Do you see a lot of feminine colors like pink, purple, and yellows.  Do you gravitate towards...
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-Stay Stylish

*all photos courtesy of Jay. L Photography* 

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