The Super Femenine Fashionista Lookbook

This is probably the easiest style sense to relate to, so if you are a super feminine fashionista you probably already know you are.  In case you are unsure though, let's clarify a few minor details.   You're out shopping and look down at all the things you have picked up already. Do you see a lot of feminine colors like pink, purple, and yellows.  Do you gravitate towards ruffles and flirty prints like polka dots and small flowers? Are you a fan of heels? I thought so.  

When it comes to being feminine, a few stereotypical things come to mind like pink, glitter, sequins, and "OOH! SHINY!" but honestly being feminine (a.k.a a "girly girl") can also be soft and delicate, not just in-your-face Barbie.  

I have to be honest though, when putting this lookbook together I struggled A LOT. This whole style sense came to life literally 5 hours before this whole article went live and that's because for the past 3 months I have been drawing a complete and total blank. I wanted to challenge myself, throughout making this lookbook, to not go out and buy anything new JUST for the article.  So although I may have gotten great ideas from my girly friends and Pinterest, it was just nothing I could replicate. Sure, I have a screen print tee that's pink, but it has flamingos on it, and yes I do have a dress that is covered in sequins but I wouldn't exactly wear my NYE dress in April. So what does being a girly girl really mean? How do you genuinely express yourself without just wearing a skirt and heels every it possible to be girly without owning pink? Absolutely. Let me show you show. 

'Floral Fun'
So let's start with an estrogen overload.  Flowers, purple pants, cute strappy wedges, and a bright colored necklace.  If you are anything like me you don't own pink anything, but that doesn't mean you can't be super feminine.  You should always take advantage of the fact that spring allows you to play with fun colors, so layer them on! With a shirt like this, the multi colored floral print allows you to really pair it with whatever colors you want.  I went with a purple skinny pant and my statement necklace, then nude wedges since there is so much color on top.

Wedges: Dolce Vita / Pants: Kohls / Blouse: Forever21 / Necklace: BaubleBar / Earrings: Aria

'The Perfect Dress'
I'm going to keep this short because I don't want to confuse you. You are a girly girl, find your token girly dress and don't let someone else buy it. It's worth it.  For me (who is more edgy) my go to piece is a combat boot, but for feminine fashionistas it's a dress.  Alongside the token LBD that every woman should own, for you all you want to find a perfect girly dress that you feel like a million bucks in. For me, it's this peach hi-lo summer dress I found at Forever21. I ranted and raved about it on the blog already, but I just love it. My take on a feminine dress is by adding some edgier accessories so that I can get the best of both worlds!

Heels: Jessica Simpson / Dress: Love21 @ Forever21 / Necklace: The Limited

 'Yellow and Lace'
I find lace to be very light and feminine, so to pair it with a color like can easily give pink and sequins a run for their money.  Although this outfit is kinda specific to the pieces I am wearing, you can easily find lace skirts and yellow blouses all over the place and copy the look.  Once again I opted for nude heels since there is so much color going on up top. 

My Marilyn moment :)

Heels: Payless / Skirt: Forever21 (old) / Blouse: JCPenney (old) / Belt: Forever21 / Bumble Bee earrings: Target

Shop The Looks!

Like what you see? Simply click on the pictures below to purchase the same or very similar pieces from the outfits above.|&dimComboVal=purple|&currentDim=Color&currentDimVal=purple&colorizedImg=DP0110201418440835C.tif&urlState=/women/shop-clothing/pants/purple/_/N-1nopgvZ146/cat.jump

Q: If I'm just browsing, what things should my eye look for?
A:  You are going to want to look for soft color and paterns like florals and pastels, along with lightweight materials like cotton.  A lot of the edgier pieces tend to also be heavier, like a tough moto jacket and black jeans, but if you stick to lighter pieces, you have his soft element to your outfit that will exude femininity. 

Q: What stores and brands have the best variety of feminine fashion?
A: This is one of those styles that you're lucky with. you can kinda shop wherever and you can find pieces to suit your needs, but I will say Forever21 does have a lot of fun girly pieces for the younger women.  Also, again for the younger crowd, the young women's section at Target has some great girly overload pieces that will suit your wardrobe flawlessly. In my personal opinion, it's easy to be "Barbie girly" when you're younger, but they don't exactly make a large variety of ruffles and pink for the grown professional woman, but if you know what pieces to look for you can definitely style them feminine. 

Q: What are some key pieces I should invest in to really express my style?
A: All five pieces above are great start up pieces for your personal style. They are also all ageless.  You can easily dress them up or down depending on your age and any woman 15-35 can get away with these, you can add a screen tee to your pastel skinnies and wear them with sandals if you're a bit younger.   For the older women reading, pair that lace skirt with mint necklace but add a spring blazer and heels for a more sophisticated look!

Stay Stylish

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