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To me, being a fashionable business woman is all about buying pieces you can easily take from day to night.   You want to be able to stay work appropriate at your job, then simply throw on a piece or two, or even just change up your jewelry for a perfect look to suit your night out needs.

You are the type of woman who always reaches for a great trouser, rather than ripped skinnies.   You probably love a great classic pump rather than sexy, club worthy stilettos.  And when it comes to blouses, why not stock up on all the button up, collared shirts?  You're probably going to be wearing them every day right?

Being a business professional, but staying trendy, can be difficult sometimes because people assume you should wear a black pant with a classic blouse and a black blazer 24/7.  In reality you really can do so much more than that. Never underestimate the power of a bright color or a captivating print thrown into the mix.  You can easily swap out that boring business blazer for a cute cardigan and printed belt.

Now when it comes to spending, if you consider yourself a business savvy fashionista, you may want to consider checking out the stores below that were used in the making of these outfits. Although they aren't very "budget friendly" to women like me, there are two times you should always splurge, one being on any classic pieces you may buy that you will most likely wear for years to come, and the other being on work clothing.

To find the perfect balance of work appropriate and fashion friendly, we are going to explore the wonderful world of layering, and cover a few mixing prints 101 tips to help you go from day to night in a snap.  So kick back and relax and let's get started.

'Dots and Dots'
For this first look we are taking the structure and basic equation for a suit and putting a fashionable twist on it. A basic women's suit for work starts with a great trouser, full coverage blouse tucked in, and two button blazer, traditionally. Instead of black on black like I mentioned above we are playing with pops of color and a neutral. The trousers below were actually sold as a full suit with a matching blazer but I simply purchased the pants to add a great neutral trouser to my wardrobe. To keep my business look fun, I opted for a polka dot blouse instead of a solid color button up and added a faux pearl necklace for a dot on dot effect. Instead of a classic black blazer you can pick any color from your blouse and wear that, be careful to not go too vibrant if your work place dress code is more corporate than alternative. For a final tiny pop of color, feel free to wear colored shoes that complement the color on your top. As long as the shoes themselves are still low heeled and closed toes, there's nothing wrong with it. You have successfully created a fun, yet workplace appropriate look, that shows your creative side.
Blouse: Van Heusen / Necklace: Forever21 / Pants: JCPenney / Shoes: Target / Blazer: Ralph Lauren (thrifted)

'Dress it Up'
Now another classic workplace look for those of you who don't feel like fussing with layers all day is a classic blouse and pinstripe trouser. Here, you have to play with mixing prints on a small level since the pinstripe on the pants are barely visible anyways. For any business woman, a gorgeous scarf print blouse is a must for your wardrobe, and all we did was tuck it into the pants and add nude flats to finish the look.
Pants: JCPenney / Flats: Old Navy / Blouse: Macys / Sunglasses: Aria

'Classic Spring Mix'
Now if your job is in something like a high end retailer this is the look for you. It is by far the most dynamic and at the same time it looks the most fashion foward. Not only does this outfit look ridiculously sophisticated, it also is a great way to show your fashion knowledge. This is the most fool proof mix of prints that any woman can pull off. Bold black and white stripes and a small floral pattern ALWAYS....I repeat, ALWAYS look good together. No matter what your size is, and what color the floral pattern is, it will always work. Another great piece for not only work, but for spring in general is a classic trench. It's a great way to cover up on your way to work and provides you with dynamic changes to your outfit depending on what you're doing.  You can tie the belt behind to you synch the trench waist and make your coat take on an hourglass shape, you can leave the belt loose for a laid back look, or you can button all the way up and tie the belt around your waist.
Pumps: Jessica Simpson / Skirt: JCPenney / Blouse: The Limited / Trench: Forever21

Shop the Looks!
Like what you see? Simply click on the pictures below to purchase the same or very similar pieces from the outfits above.|&dimComboVal=worthington|&currentDim=Brand&currentDimVal=worthington&colorizedImg=DP1018201317054369M.tif&urlState=/women/shop-clothing/skirts/worthington/_/N-1nopgxZ7z/cat.jump

So now let's get down to a few basics that you might want to ask me....

Q: What are some key pieces I should invest in to really express my style?

A: The basics you want to start with for a business wardrobe are a black work pant, a white button up, and a black blazer. Not that you should wear these pieces all at the same time, although you can, the point in purchasing these specific pieces is that they are the most versatile. You can put a cardigan over the button up and pull the collar out, or simply add a statement necklace for more alternative outfits that are still great for work.

Q: What stores and brands have the best variety of business wear fashion?
A: I'm just going to tell you your top 5, and say That's all. You absolutely can NOT go wrong in these stores.  Ann Taylor, The Limited, Gap, Banana Republic, and Loft. 

Q: If I'm just browsing, what things should my eye look for? 
A: You are going to want to look for structured pieces like a button up blazer, tailored blouses, shirts with darting, skirts with pleats etc.  Those pieces that took a little more time to make, look more polished and fit better which means you will always look dressed up!

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