Trend Alert: Throwback - How the Late 80s and Early 90s Are Making A Comeback.

Just as they say that history repeats does fashion.  Trends come full circle and styling tips are passed down from generation to generation.  This year, I'm lucky enough to see some things come back into style that were popular back when I was a kid.  

Today we're talking about how pieces from the late 80s and early 90s are getting their time to shine again nearly 20 years later. 

Let's start with overalls, yes, that's right....The denim overall has actually become quite popular in the blogging community and has broken it's way into mainstream fashion with stores like Forever21 and Target carrying their own budget friendly versions of it.  But how to do you take something as time stamped as the overall and style it relevant to 2014? Well, you don't.  Or you don't necessarily have to I should say.   For my look I also wanted to play on a couple other throwback trends that are very "in" right now.  Tying a button up shirt around your waist is a styling trend making a comeback, and 90s grunge. Both of these things are very popular right now so although I do see some women wearing blazers and stilettos with their overalls, I wanted to punch you in the face with some nostalgia and combine all three throwback trends into the look below.  Obviously the overalls are what they are, but I opted for this boy's baseball tee with a skull on it to bring in the grunge fashion element under the overalls.  Then, I tied my men's plaid button up around my waist over the look and finished it all off with my strappy Jessica Simpson gladiator sandals. 
Heels: Jessica Simpson / Overalls: Lee / Baseball Tee: Aeropostale Men's / Overshirt: Ralph Lauren Men's (thrifted)

Now another great throwback item has actually been "back" for a couple seasons but is now getting a 90's makeover with the wash.....acid wash to be more specific.  Acid wash denim is being sold in stores right now, but I picked up my 2 cents of the trend at JCPenney in the form of a classic jacket.  What's great about this trend is, unlike the look above, you can simply add it on top of any modern day outfit you put together.  A full look I've worn a lot lately has been my orange shorts and embroidered tank, both of which are last season purchases.  The other great thing about this look, that's very subtle, is the collar. A styling trend to fit the late 80's is a popped collar, so instead of letting the jacket collar lay flat, I popped it right up for the perfect blend of throwback and modern. 
Heels: Payless / Shorts: Joe Fresh / Tank: Target / Jacket: JCPenney / Necklace: The Limited

Popped collars, acid washed pieces, overalls, grunge style and so much more! How are you rocking the throwback trend this season? Let me know in the comment section down below or use the hashtag #ASFOthrowback! Thanks for stopping by today.
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