Athletic Wear: Part TWO!

I promised you a Part Two didn't I?  If you didn't catch the first article make sure to read it above, or click here.  Today, I just wanted to show you all a couple more ways I enjoy styling the Athletic trend for spring.

The first one being with this fun floral jersey.  When I first put this outfit on I noticed one thing right off the bat, "I'm trying to hard"....or to be more positive, this is a very *ahem* "youthful" look.  It's arguably one of those looks that you could get away with whether you're 15 or 25.  You could swap out the chucks for something more adult like high heels if you're, cough cough 22, but sneakers are just as fun too and totally fit the whole Athletic wear vibe.  Anyways, to play up the fact that I'm wearing something quirky like a floral.....sports jersey, I went with a skirt instead of pants.  When you're dealing with a look that doesn't fit the norm, then go big or go home.  Express yourself, and if you love it then wear it! Simple as that.

Converse: Journeys / Skirt: Khols / Jersey: Forever21 / Jacket: Express

Now I know you recognize this jacket by now, I've not only worn it a ton in real life, but you've seen it on the blog 4 times now! Why? Because real women don't wear things just once.  The Letterman style jacket, specifically, was a huge trend back in fall but luckily fits the bill for Athletic Wear as well. With a piece like this I usually keep the rest of the look fairly simple since it is a statement piece, but since it's colorblocked with the sleeves it does allow for enough leeway that you can pair the jacket with prints if you want, like camo pants for example. 
Heels: Target / Pants: Also Target / Shirt: Ok, this is ridiculous....Target / Jacket: Not Target (Charlotte Russe)
So now that you've seen a total of 5 different ways to rock the Athletic trend, let me share with you all a couple more items that fit the trend in their own way, so you can do a little budget friendly shopping if you want.
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