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If there is one thing any budding fashionista absolutely needs for her spring wardrobe, it's a go-to floral dress.  I know what you're thinking....floral dresses are kind of hard to style right? Wrong.  I myself already own 5 or 6 of them, but depending on my mood will wear them super feminine with colorful heels or throw people for a curveball wearing them with combat boots and a leather jacket. 

Today, on the blog, I'm showing a great styling option for this amazing strapless floral dress being sold at ModCloth.com
that combines the best of both "frilly and fun" style with a little tough girl edge to top off the look.  

When I think about styling a dress, I think about making sure my personality shines through with the pieces I choose so I tend to go for metal jewelry and funky shoes.  As a self proclaimed tomboy most of my life, it takes a lot for me to fall in love with a dress, any dress...but there are always exceptions to the rule, and ironically florals are absolutely one of them.  Even though that is one of the most feminine prints, I love to expand on the femininity then put my little pop of personality into it too.  

So what do you think about when styling a dress suitable for spring? It's simple.  You want to start with season appropriate jewelry. Although some people go for stone pieces like turquoise, don't be afraid to bust out the metals like this great statement necklace. Notice the soft pink and white tones that tie in perfectly to the spring dress, they make for the perfect transition to a rose gold watch.  The few pearl bits in the necklace help tie in a fun bracelet like the one below!  What I love about pieces like this is that, as I said above, they can be used in a feminine way for a look like this but are also easily usable in edgier looks.
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 Now that you've added your bling, you want to add little pops of flair with accessories.  Keeping with the pale pink theme, add a fun little bow belt to further help synch your waist, right below the ruching on the dress.  Don't forget the sunglasses! This perfect pair if available at ModCloth.com right now!  So far with this look, I wanted to play off the floral print in the dress.  I always joke though that my middle name is 'Unexpected'...and that's exactly what the icing to our whole look is.
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Lastly, finish it all off with a bit of the unexpected. Sure, you could easily opt for a simple cardigan or light linen blazer, but that's no fun! To top off your look add a taupe colored leather vest, available in both regular and plus sizes.  For me, and my personal style, something like this piece is the best of both worlds.  You get the soft neutral tone perfect for topping off spring looks, but at the end of the day you're wearing a leather vest.  You get the girly and the edgy!
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So when you're styling your spring dress at home remember this 

Stay Stylish

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