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When I'm not busy being a total bro you can usually find me rocking my spiked toe Steve Madden combat boots.  I bought them in Vegas a couple years ago, and they quickly became my all time favorite shoes.  There is something kick ass about a great combat boot, and I absolutely love the feeling I get whenever I wear them.  If you get that same rush after wearing a "don't mess with me" piece like my combat boots, be it a leather jacket or a studded dress, you are probably a rocker chick just like me!

Let's say you go shopping with your girlfriends, do you find your shopping cart full of leather and studs and distressed pieces? You do? Awesome, then keep on reading.

To me, rocking this style (no pun intended) is really about confidence.  There is not a shadow of a doubt in my head that when you walk out of the door in any of the looks below you are bound to get a few glances and you have to be ready for that.  Your clothes scream for attention with pretty much any look you put on, and there is nothing wrong with that.  You make leather on leather look crazy chic and you can rock the hell out of one of those adorable studded belts.

 'Eye of the Tiger'
Nothing says rocker chic like combat boots and a great leather jacket, so for this look we are combining both!  Honestly, this is not a look I would have put together on a daily basis, but I already owned all the pieces so why not? I usually throw my jacket over a dress or pair my combat boots with denim, but to some rocker women, all of these pieces go flawlessly together.  At the risk of ending up in a solid black outfit, I layered a tiger shirt under the jacket instead of a solid color tee.  This look is the most 'stereotypical' edgy rocker girl, but you can swap out pieces to make it your own.

Boots: Steve Madden / Jeans: Target / Top: Forever21 / Jacket: Wilson's Leather / Earrings: Ebay / Necklace: Express

'Fake it 'til you Make It'
Like my leather dress? Great. Too bad it's not a dress. For this look, I created the illusion of an all leather (fake leather of course) dress by pairing my peplum over my a-line skirt. Of all the jewelry in my possession, my spiked necklace really did the trick and I would highly suggest finding a similar piece if you can for the perfect balance of glam and edge at the drop of a dime. I added my snake bracelet that wraps completely around my wrist to top off the whole outfit. If you are rocking a similar look, be it a dress or a pairing of a skirt and a top, then keep the shoes simple. Although it's just solid black, leather in and of itself is a statement material so you don't want to draw more attention to your feet with statement shoes. So to finish off a look like a leather dress, opt for solid black pumps, or patent leather ones like mine to stay simple and rocker chic.

Pumps: Jessica Simpson / Skirt: H&M / Top: Forever21 / Necklace and Bracelet: Aria / Sunglasses: Target

'Romper Fever' 
I personally think this outfit takes some guts to pull of, and I would say you have to have some edge to do so. This is a great option for those of you who are a willing to take a slight risk, and show a little leg. For this look I paired a white vest over a short leopard romper then added in some rocker girl accents in my mini pyramid studded belt and a pair of buckled wedges. Simple as that. Sometimes the most courageous of outfits are just effortless, and if you can find a romper that works for your body type I would absolutely suggest making the investment.
Mr.Peppy butt sneaking into the background :)

Romper: H&M / Wedges: Express / Vest: Target / Belt: Forever21

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So now let's get down to a few basics that you might want to ask me....

Q: If I'm just browsing, what things should my eye look for? 
A:  When you are out shopping you should definitely look for pieces that are black, and materials like leather and distressed denim. Embellishments like pyramid studs are usually a sign of edgier pieces so you will most likely enjoy pieces like that.  

Q:  What stores and brands have the best variety of rocker chic fashion?
A:  If you are looking to not have to sort through a giant store looking for pieces that suit your style needs there are certain brands that were made just for you. Hot Topic, although it can come off as a very teen angsty store, has some great accessory pieces if you know what to look for. When it comes to clothing, the Rock and Republic shop at Kohls and the MNG by Mango shop inside of JCPenneys are going to become your new go-to spots.

Q: What are some key pieces I should invest in to really express my style?
A:  As a rocker/edgy woman you definitely want to start your hunt for the perfect leather jacket, and a great pair of combat style boots. The leather jacket I am wearing above is one of the few genuine leather pieces that I own, but is still being sold at the store I got it at, even though I got it over a year ago.  Why I went against my normal "no leather" rule was because from a fashion perspective it was the "perfect" leather jacket, both stucturally and fit.  Although its hella pricey compared to what I usually spend, its a bargain compared to other genuine leather jackets.  At $124 its definitely a bargain compared to similar styles.

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