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Let's say you go shopping, you probably love those off the beaten path stores like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. If you think you are a Boho girl, you probably like to wear items that are comfortable and loose fitting because you try to find that perfect balance of comfort and a fashionable. When it comes to the clothing the less fussy the better. If a seam is left unfinished it only adds the effect of your style, and if the edges of your jeans start to strand then you just leave them be. 
Instead of layering on traditional metal jewelry with your outfit, you tend to go for pieces that have stones and plant based materials like hemp and twine.

As a boho chic woman, you probably enjoy the comfort of flat shoe rather than a high heel, but if you do need height you are most likely choose wedges.  When the weather permits you probably have a couple layers on, whether it's from a multiple necklaces and stacked arm candy or its from a long vest over your shorts and basic tee.
 Now let's dive into specifics, every style sense has a wide range of women who can fit into it, it's just about finding a way to express yourself then putting your own special twist on it.  Boho chic women present one of the widest ranges there is, so let's take a look below at 3 outfit possibilities that you can choose from. 

'Feathers & Fringe'
Let's start with our stereotypical look. When I think Boho, I picture a woman at a music festival. I think she probably likes the comfort of a moccasin flat and has long gorgeous flowing locks with feathers and beads intertwined. I wanted to come up with an every day version of a look similar to the one that's on my mind so I started with a feather graphic tee and a pair of cut off denim shorts. Usually, since this shirt does have such a busy pattern on it, I don't wear extra jewelry, but today I layered on a feather and turquoise nugget necklace to almost make it look like the graphic is coming to life, and added my turquoise skull bracelet as a complementary accessory. For shoes, I went for comfortable fringe boots and a beaded headband around my forehead.

Boots: Minnetonka / Shorts: Old Navy / Top: Forever21 / Necklace: Forever21 / Bracelet: Ebay

'Boho Layers'
This look is my take on a woman who likes the more glamorous side of Bohemian fashion. In this second, more alternative take on Boho chic, I layered a couple comfy favorites over one another. The long sleeve lace top that you see is actually a dress of mine that is a little too short to wear now a days, so it's perfect in moments like this. My coral colored hi-low skirt is an old purchase but is an item that goes to show that sometimes trends live on in certain styles. Although the hi-low hem is on the outs in terms of trending spring pieces, for a woman with a relaxed style sense a skirt like this paired with some flat sandals is right up her alley and will never go out of style.  To complement the coral color in my skirt, I added my turquoise beaded necklace and some homemade earrings.  The glue in this outfit is definitely the denim vest though, not only does it casual the whole thing down a notch but it spotlights different elements of your outfit, it provides the perfect backdrop to the long tribal earrings, highlights the lace detail that peeks out with your sleeves, and frames the beaded necklace flawlessly. 

Sandals: ASOS / Skirt: Kohls / (Top) Dress: Forever21 / Belt: H&M / Necklace: Forever21 / Earrings: Homemade / Vest: Thrifted

'Lace and Fringe 2.0'
So for this third and final look we are taking elements of the first look and elements of the second look and tieing them in together in the same outfit, can you see where they are? If you like the look of lace and the idea of moccasin style shoes this look is the perfect solution.  There is something very effortless about these shawl style outerwear pieces.  I layered mine over a lace dress and added a wide crochet belt with a double buckle because you know what they say "never waste your waist". 

Dress: Kohls / Belt: Charlotte Russe / Shawl: Target / Sandals: Marshalls

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So now let's get down to a few basics that you might want to ask me....

Q: If I'm just browsing, what things should my eye look for? 
A:  The main pieces you want to look for are going to be oversized, flowy, and closure free. When you are getting dressed in the morning you don't want to have to worry about zippers or buttons. Lace pieces have an effortless chic to them so make sure to keep an eye out for those. Lastly, don't be afraid of items that have been worn down a little, like a great distressed jean.

Q:  What stores and brands have the best variety of boho girl fashion?
A:  Urban Outfitters has the best variety of quirky, comfy clothing that is perfect for the bohemian woman. When it comes to stores that have some good options, Forever 21 works really well for women who can pull off a more youthful style. Although I, personally, have outgrown that style in both age and size, it does have a very good selection.

Q: What are some key pieces I should invest in to really express my style? 
A:  Some of the best stereotypically boho pieces are above and include, but are not limited to, a great pair of distressed jeans or cut off shorts, a lace dress, and moccasin booties. Its a great way to start your collection. From there, you can style the pieces however you see fit and add the perfect accesories to express your personality.

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