BLOGust 2014: Day 5 - Pair an Edgy Jacket with a Feminine Dress

What happens when you pair a tough jacket with a dainty dress? Summer fashion genius..... that's what!  There's something effortless about pairing opposite styles together, you always look put together and well, balanced.  If your personal style is kinda middle of the road like mine then looks like these are what dreams are made of.  You pair a tough jacket with a leather skirt and you look TOO punk, you pair the dainty sundress with a cardigan and you look too "Hamptons" (but if either of those are what you're going for then more power to ya).  

When your style changes depending on your mood you're going to want to go with outfits that combine the best of both worlds, whether that's feminine with masculine or preppy with rocker.  

When you're styling today's look try and keep accessories to a bare minimum, you want the focus to be on your outfit not on your jewelry. Your shoes can either take the edgy route or the feminine route to compliment either your outfit pieces today.  Something to consider when it comes to picking your shoes is to go with something that matches your jacket and ALSO compliments your dress so that if the top layer comes off during the day you don't look completely mismatched. 

Dress: JCPenney / Jacket: Forever21 (old) / Sandals: Journey's / Hoops: Target
My look is a combination I love, leather and lace.  The faux leather sleeves on my jacket compliment the leather strappy gladiators I have on and perfectly contrast the dress, but compliment each other. Yet again, since my jacket has embellishments I kept my jewelry minimal with my go-to silver hoops.

Stay Stylish 

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