BLOGust 2014: Day 23 - "Stay in Your Pajamas"

 Today's challenge is to stay in your pajamas. Wait what?....

You read that right but it doesn't exactly mean what you think it means, in fact, it's a very fun play on a much deeper concept.  As someone who has juggled everything from work to school and extra hobbies on the side for the past 10 years, it goes without saying that every once and a while you have those days where you just feel like staying in your pjs all day.  The sad harsh reality though is if your schedule is anything like mine, you often have to use your few and far between days off to get things done....more specifically to get ALL THE THINGS done.  For me, those days are the hardest days to actually look presentable but there are ways to achieve a fashion forward look while maintaining the utmost amount of comfort.  For today, your challenge is to "stay in your pajamas" by putting together a bed worthy comfortable look that is also fashion forward. Be it a jersey material maxi dress, or pajama trousers with a boyfriend tee like my look below, today....I'm ordering you to stay comfy cute.

Pumps: Nine West via Macy's Clearance / Trousers: Target / Tee: Target / Denim jacket: JCPenney / Earrings: The Limited

Stay Comfy!

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