BLOGust 2014: Day 9 - Add a Pop of Color with a Bright Handbag

Although black and white is about as classic as it gets, there is something kinda dull about it. Have you ever seen a beautiful top but you just wish it came in a colored option? As much as I love the look of a black and white outfit, pops of color are what make dressing for summer fun! Since some people's cup of tea isn't to wear an array of vibrant colors head to toe, today's fashion challenge is to add a simple pop, with a bright handbag.  Simple as that. Keep the look Black and White head to toe and add a vibrant handbag to your look, I guarantee not a single one of you can fail this task, it's foolproof.

I don't really have any styling tips because you genuinely can't fail at all, as long as you're following directions :-)

Dress: JCPenney / Sandals: Payless / Purse: Olivia + Joy via TJMaxx / Hoops: Aria

Stay Stylish

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