BLOGust 2014: Day 21 - GO SHOPPING.... with $10 in your pocket.

Who said looking great had to break the bank? Today I'm ORDERING YOU to go shopping with just a $10 bill, the challenge is to not spend more than ten buckaroos. Go to sale racks, check out online promos, go thrifting. Whatever you do don't go over ten bucks!  Now you don't necessarily have to buy a whole outfit, because that would be very difficult and nearly impossible, the point is just to find yourself a little something new and style that new piece into today's look.  I think as women we sometimes forget to pamper ourselves, if you're anything like me sometimes life can get overwhelming and you can get stuck in a tornado of school, relationships, work, family function etc. Today's challenge is here to force you to take a little you time, but not break the bank. If you think you can't find anything cute for less than 10 think twice....Some of my CUTEST wardrobe items I got on super sale, on the off season for a low as $2 (like the tropical skirt I wore on Day 2....yeah.... $2.99) so shop smart. Use promo codes, pull up coupons on your phone, Sign up for a new stores mailing list! Have fun!!!! And may the shopping odds be ever in your favor.

Pants, Tee & Pumps: Target / Earrings: The Limited / Scarf: Forever21
Stay Stylish

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