BLOGust 2014: Day 7 - Pencil Skirt + Funky Shirt + Sneakers.

Some looks are what I like to call "Blogger Favorites"....this is one of them. Since us  fashion bloggers have this shared bond together,  we tend to have the same aesthetic for the most part. Even though our personal styles differ from one end of the spectrum to the other, certain outfit equations and combinations are consistent throughout the blogosphere. All throughout the year and especially during fashion week, you'll see us wearing sneakers with weird things like elegant dresses or skirts. For today's fashion challenge, you're exploring one of our favorite combinations by pairing your favorite pencil skirt with a graphic shirt and a sneakers. I know it sounds weird but seriously, you'll look like Haute Couture and Mainstream Fashion's fabulous baby.  So trust me on this one, try it out and I guarantee by the end of the day someone will look at you and go "Huh....why didn't I think of that." ;)

When styling your outfit, try to keep all the pieces very cohesive, the more they look like they are supposed to go together the better your outfit will appear as a whole!  If you have a solid pencil skirt, unlike mine, make sure your shirt and shoes either match or compliment each other. 

This one might push you out of your comfort zone but I have faith in you! It might take some playing around but believe me, when your look comes together will just know. 

Pencil Skirt: JCPenney / Top: Ebay / Sneakers: Nike via DSW / Hoops: Aria
Stay Stylish

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