BLOGust 2014: Day 13 - Try out 'The Domino Effect'

In Case You Missed Yesterday's Article: Summer Maxi

Every once a while, and outfit will pop in my head.....then from that outfit I get an idea for another similar outfit, based on the color combinations or prints I'm wearing. I like to call this moment "The Domino Effect".  If you're still unsure of what I mean, check out this article (here). So today's challenge is to take yesterday's maxi dress and domino effect a single article of clothing, yesterday's maxi, into into a multiple piece outfit!

Now if you're absolutely completely lost as to where to start, simply look at the maxi you wore yesterday and deconstruct it in your head.  What colors were on the dress, what prints were you wearing, did you layer a button up or jacket on top? What color was that? Now take those elements and create a whole other outfit that consists of similar items for today's outfit....I'm sure you'll understand better if you compare my look from yesterday to today's.  

Skirt: Target / Blouse: The Limited / Sandals: Payless / Sunglasses: Aria / Watch: Michael Kors

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