BLOGust 2014: Day 17 - Rock Your Favorite Sneakers in an "Unexpected" Way

As a sneakers girl, it might come as a shock to see that my favorite pair are these lackluster Chucks with barely any color and no pattern.  That, in and of itself though, is the very reason that these are my favorite sneakers.  I love the way that simply replacing flats with low top sneakers can give your outfit that extra pop of unexpected brilliance.  I look at these shoes as a sneaker version of a nude flat, so I literally pair them with any outfit and it never ceases to look bad.  

So today's challenge it to break out your favorite sneakers and pair them in an unexpected outfit.  Whether it's with a sundress or a flowy skirt, break outside the box that is "the norm" and have a little fun today by taking a risk! 

Chucks: Journeys / Shorts: Levis via JCPenney / Tee: H&M / Shirt: Target / Earrings: The Limited / Sunnies: Aria
The reason I call this look unexpected is because this very converse is the one that almost every fashionista has, because it's the "cute girly one" (other than the pink pair).  To me, however, converse have always been my go to sneaker of choice, even back in my complete raging tomboy days.  Today, I'm pairing them in an unexpected way by pulling inspiration from my old style and rocking the tomboy vibe with a men's camo shirt and an over-sized vintage style band tee.  This look says, "Hey! This shoe can be worn for every woman with any style!" and that to me is always a good thing. 

Stay Stylish

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