BLOGust 2014: Day 2 - Rock a Tropical Print

Tropical Prints had their major time in the spotlight last spring and summer, and if you're anything like me that means your closet has now welcome new members of the family, because I never pass up an opportunity to put my twist on whats trending.  Between the 10 or so tropical pieces I accumulated last year, I sometimes worry that I'll never wear them again, that the trend has come and gone and I wasted close to $100 getting everything, only to wear it a few times last year.  Then I realize something I've always fashion, there are no rules.  That's what's great about it really, you can wear whatever you want and express yourself in whatever outfit you feel like wearing that day.

When styling tropical prints, you really just have to trust your instinct.  Some women like to keep the focus on the prints, by pairing it with nothing but neutrals or something like a soft white, eyelet blouse.  I, however, don't mind the contrast of a tropical print with a fun pop of complimentary color.  The one thing I would say to keep in mind though is your feet.  No matter how you style the pieces you have, try and keep your shoes neutral, or even better.....nude.

So today, your fashion challenge is to bust out one of those tropical printed items that I know you have sitting in your closet from last year that you only wear for vacations now.  Today, we're releasing our inner beach babe right in the heart of those concrete jungles we live in! So go ahead, live a little.  The beach won't get jealous that it has to share.

Earrings & Tee: Target / Skirt: JCPenney / Heels: Payless
For my specific look, I wanted to draw inspiration from an ad I saw back when I bought this flamingo screen tee, that I have stored in my mind  The model wearing this shirt had it paired with tie dye green shorts, and I loved the combination.  My outfit is an homage to the styling with my tropical green skirt.  Following my own tips (listed above) I went with a nude shoe to keep the focus on the outfit, during the summer these strappy sandals are definitely a go-to to complete the majority of my colorful outfits.  To compliment my tropical skirt I added fun, prism earrings that change color with the light.   

Stay Stylish

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