BLOGust 2014: Day 4 - Borrow from the Boys

I'm always buying men's clothing or stealing my boyfriend's shirts because let's face it, that s#!ts comfortable! So today, I'm challenging you all to "borrow from the boys" and rock a piece of clothing from the men's department of your favorite store, (even if your favorite store is your boyfriend's closet).  You can either wear a men's piece that you bought or borrow a piece from a man in your life, be it your boyfriend, husband, family member or friend.

When it comes to wearing a men's item there are 2 simple steps to follow to avoid looking like a 90's rapper. 1.) Size down- just because you usually wear a medium doesn't mean you wear men's medium too! I usually take a L or XL top but in the Men's department I can easily snag a medium t-shirt or even a small in something fitted, like the shirt below.  2.) Learn to style- if you absolutely fell in love with the print or color on a men's department button up shirt, buy it! What's stopping you? A men's button up can easily be unbuttoned and worn over your favorite bodycon dress with a belt over it all and some cute cuffed sleeves.  A men's t-shirt can be paired under a blazer with sexy skinny jeans and high heels.  It's all about styling the pieces in a feminine way, so once you've mastered that you will have a whole store at your disposal with no department interference.  So today, style a men's item into your outfit and hit the town, I guarantee if you're doing it right nobody will even notice (in a good way).  

Wedges: Express / Skirt: JCP / Top: Aeropostale / Hoops: Target

For my look, I wanted to play up the "edgy factor" of my shirt, since it has a skull on it, by styling with 2 pieces that are generally associated with being more edgy...leather and leopard.  Since my top is flat out from the men's department, I decided to wear wedges and a skirt as a balance.  Simple earrings like silver hoops do the trick if you have a more out there look, so that's what I chose to complete the outfit.
Stay Stylish

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