BLOGust 2014: Day 18 - Try this unexpected color combo....Blue and Orange

If you didn't know, I work in a designer baby boutique....I know it may seem like a random career path considering that I'm such a fashion lover, but over the years I've wanted to dip my toe into every aspect of the fashion industry. I've hit the women's wear side working for the Limited (while simultaneously working as a baby photographer), as well as worked with menswear from time to time, but I've always found myself working with children everywhere I go and I can't get enough of the little munchkins! As a Professional Auntie, I love getting little fashion forward pieces for my 3 1/2 year old nephew and my 7 month old niece.  Recently, at work, we unveiled our newest baby girl collection which has a very recognizable color palette (get where I'm going with this?) and everything is royal blue and deep orange.  I have had TONS of customers who absolutely hate the line and do not stop short of telling me exactly how hideous they think it is.  So I've been wracking my brain over why everyone despises the new pieces and I've come to the conclusion that its simply the color combo that's not sitting well with people.  I know it's unconventional but these colors actually look great together! Today, your challenge is to pair these two colors into the same look with whatever you choose to wear today :-) Happy Styling.

Affirmation Bracelet: Kohls / Earrings: Homemade / Pumps: Payless / Shorts: Joe Fresh via JCP / Blouse: J.Crew

Stay Stylish

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