BLOGust 2014: Day 19 - All Black and White and a Pop of Red

You've seen this combo a thousand times; an all black and white look head to toe with a little pop of candy apple red.  It's simple, it's foolproof, it's classic. 

Today's challenge is to rock your version of this classic combo in whatever outfit fits your personal style! With just 11 days left in the month hopefully you can throw something together fast to fit the challenge.

Shirt, Skirt, and Necklace: H&M / Pumps: Target

What I love about this outfit is that all of the pieces have either been seen in BLOGust article or recent articles here on the blog. The pleather skirt is from my 'Oxford Shirt' article, the shirt is from the 'Athletic Wear' article, the necklace was seen in my Neutrals article, and the pumps are from tons of articles but most recently the 4th of July looks!  I could have styled a billion combinations to fit this challenge but I purposefully used pieces I know you'll recognize because it reflects the reality that we all repeat wardrobe pieces and simply style them differently depending on our outfits for different days.

Stay Stylish

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