Hey guys, in August I asked you all to send in your questions to my email or to Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter! I've combined all the questions into 10 versions of the similar questions (if that even makes sense) and have left your name if you didn't care to remain anonymous.  Hope these fashion/style questions help you out and the random extras feed your curiosity!

1.) What if your favorite store to shop in for sales? -Wished to remain annonymous
My favorite store above any other store is JCPenney.  I think it goes overlooked by a lot of women younger than me becuase it's an "old store" that has been around for years so some girls don't think it will have modern clothing.  In my opinion they have the widest variety of everything you need that actually IS on trend if you know what to look for. If you are new to JCPenney check out the Levi's Shop, the Joe Fresh store, MNG Brand, Nicole by Nicole Miller Brand, JCP Brand, and Bisou Bisou. 

2.) What is your favorite pair of shoes?-Chloe
My absolute all time pair of shoes are my Tory Burch Reva flats.  I got the matte black with the gold medallion.  These shoes are definitely the most expensive pair I own but since they are just a classic black flat, I decided they'd be a good pair to add to my wardrobe.  They go well with everything and they will NEVER go out of style.  Even though they were a giant pain in the butt to break in, they are one of the handful of things that I own that IS designer/expensive that I absolutely recommend to anyone who can afford it.

3.) How long have you and John been together, what made you decide to move? -Brianne, Portland
We have been together for almost 2 years now.  And we decided to move to Phoenix because John graduated and needed to start paying down his student loans from OSU and his new, higher paying job was in Phoenix.  In regards to myself.  Sometimes you just have to follow your heart.
4.)  What are some basic do's and don'ts for 50 something yr old women, whose curves have become sags and bags,or lumps and bumps, who may tend toward tomboyish or sporty, but certainly don't want to appear frumpy? -Ann
Your absolute best friend that you should add to your closet is a basic black cardigan.  Cardigans don't exactly scream tomboy, but they don't scream girly girl either.  You can wear them open on a day you want to be super comfortable over a work appropriate dress, or you can button them up for a more polished look.  If you want to wear pants one day, just throw a belt over that baby! Try and find one that has a basic scoop neck or basic v-neck with black buttons so that you can wear it with EVERYTHING!
5.)  What size shoe are you? -Vicky
I wear a 10 in just about everything, and a Women's 9/Men's 7 in Converse

6.)  Where'd you graduate from for high school and college? -Maddy
I graduated from Oakwood High School which is in Oakwood (Dayton), Ohio and I am still working towards my Bachelors Degree since I have switched schools twice now and just recently decided to switch majors. I was set back after taking a year off when I went through a nasty break-up and couldn't focus on my school work properly.

7.)  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? (or what order) -Sam 
DEFINITELY Instagram. I hate to read, I always I love to just look at pictures and take quick little snapshots throughout my day to document my life for friends and family.

8.)  What kind of a dog is Peppy? I see him all over your Instagram all the time. -Sofie
Peppy is a Chihuahua as far as we know, but since his ears are floppy and his features aren't as prominent as other Chihuahuas we think he is mixed with something else. We will never know though becasue we adopted him through Chihuahua Rescue USA which deals with abused and neglected animals, sepereated by breed. They don't get medical history, breed history, or the dog's age. You get what you pay for so the dogs cost way less than Pet Store pure breeds, but I will always buy rescue dogs. I think they deserve a good home just as much as any other animal and often times don't get a fighting chance :(
9.)  Do you prefer to wear flat shoes (taken from a favorite type of shoe question) or heels? -Wished to remain annonymous
I absolutely 100% without a doubt prefer Chucks to almost any shoe in the world. I actually have 50+ pairs of heels specifically but I just love chucks on my days off, shopping days, and trips to the store.

10.)  I'm in my mid 30s and have been reading your blog pretty much since day 1, I really relate to your story in a lot of ways.  My weight is constantly fluctuating up and down and I spend all on clothes only because I have to buy new ones when I gain or loose weight all the time.  Do you have any advice on the best way to save money when your weight goes up and down all the time making 
clothes constantly not fit? -Wished to remain annonymous
I totally feel your pain, wight fluctuation can be one of the most damaging thing to your wallet when it comes to buying clothes.  My best suggestion that DOESN'T involve shopping it to not throw anything away in the first place.  If you have recently lost weight and want to wear a top or dress that's a bit too big, try belting it at the waist for the same synched look so that way you can wear it to matter if your weight happens to be up or down.  If you have to buy new clothes becuase your old ons have grown to be too SMALL, start investing in pieces that are classic and timeless so that if you're in the same situation in a couple years, your pieces aren't too trendy or timestamped so that it's not obvious you bought it years ago.  Pieces like hi-los, tropical prints, or leather pieces might be obvious you bought them in 2013. 

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