How to FOLD a Bandana Into a Headband

We've all seen it.  The super adorable bandana that is tied around a girl's head with these cute little bunny ear ends poking out.  Who is the most recognizable bandana wearer?...probably good old Rosie.

A lot of my friends who describe themselves  as "hipsters" use this as a trademark head piece, and although that is the farthest from any adjective I would use to describe MY personal style, I a good headband tie.  My style is more edgy and rocker, yet a red or black headband still blends in seamlessly to my ever evolving look.  I used to own one lonely bandana that I would wear over an over again with every single outfit I wore.  Out and about, going to the movies, the grocery store, cleaning, whereever! On a trip to Mexico a couple years ago I purchased 12 different colored bandanas for like $3 or something ridiculous, so now I have every color for any occasion.  I love to match my bandanas to my outfit, my shoes, or my earrings for the perfect pop to an otherwise dull look.

I've only ever had one problem with all of my bandanas.  They were constantly sliding off all day long and I had put up with that until a couple months ago when I started FOLDING the bandana differently, and now it stays on all day. 

In true bargain fashionista style, I will pick up cute little scarves from the thrift shop or cheap-o bandanas from Wal-Mart or anywhere else I find them.  If you are even the mildest form of sewing literate you can go to your local fabric store, browse the sale section or scrap section and sew your own little head scarf with ANY fabric you like, making your possibilities endless.  Just make sure it's a square so you can follow the steps bellow and take your outfit from drab to fab for less than $5!

This is how I get the perfect bandana headband, that stays on all day and looks super cute.  You can use this technique on any square bandana or scarf.

Some bandana patterns are screen printed on so using a dryer can peel the design right off accidentally. 

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