Fall Trends Series: Outfit 2

What are the InStyle Trends?*
 For this look we are playing with mixing "Film Noir" which is an homage to old silhouettes and designs, and interpreting the "Fur, Feather, Fringe" trend in a very subtle way.

Who is the woman?
We all have one of these women in our lives.  You know exactly who I'm talking about so don't deny it, the one who secretly likes to thrown on that girly dress but has to toughen it up somehow....yeah, that's this woman. 

Where is she going?
You could easily wear this outfit for date night. The tiny top hat adds some spunk to your outfit and is a great way to add some feather to your look if you aren't quite ready to bust out that ostrich feather poofy skirt. 

What is she wearing?
To replicate this look, you just need any dress that reminds you of a previous era.  This dress with the large, overlapping layers, is a great way to rock a subtle throwback to the flappers and the 1920s.  The jacket adds a little edge to your otherwise very feminine look.  If you have a fun feather head-piece, it adds a great compliment to the dress and really completes the look along with the faux pearl necklace.  This ensemble looks great with black patent leather high heels.

Stay Stylish

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