Fall Shades, with Warby Parker.

If there is one thing that I've learned from working retail, it is that sunglasses come in seasons.  Here I have been buying dark lenses and dark rims year round not knowing that I have been wearing Fall and Winter glasses in the middle of summer.  Now that Fall has come back around, it's time to bust out your perfect Fall frames to add just a little bit of frosting to your outfit.

I love the fact that the perfect pair can complete your outfit and make you look super chic in .5 seconds.  The mystery behind a dark lens, the unknown intellectual hiding behind those thick rims, and the uptown fashionista wearing gorgeous frames that look like they are thousands of dollars.  But what is her secret? Warby Parker

Warby Parker offers both  sunglasses and a very large array of eyeglassesto fit your every want, desire, and most importantly....outfit.   The best part though, is that every time you buy a pair of glasses a pair gets sent to someone who is in need.

All across the world, people do not have access to perfect vision, which hinders them from achieving everything they want to achieve.  They can not learn as well or work as well as they should be able to.  To date, over 500,000 pairs of glasses have been distributed in an amazing start to a world wide change, thanks to Warby Parker.  
Screen shot from warbyparker.com

I am so incredibly thrilled to partner up with this amazing company to bring you the very first glimpse into their Fall Collection, released TODAY! 

For Fall, Warby Parker decided to play on the sixties, and I quote
"Our newest collection for Fall 2013 recalls the shaky years when social change was nearing take-off...."
Their Fall collection is going to feature five different frames, with different materials. From stainless steel-rimmed lenses to acetate that comes in perfect fall colors. The names of the frames, Ellison, Rowan, Holcomb, Ripley, and Ames, are an homage to some of the company's favorite literary references. When you purchase your pair of Fall lenses from this amazing brand, you can get that retro sixties style, without all the hassle of bouncing around flea markets, thrift shops, and rummaging through your grandma's attic.

Now, let's take a look at some of my favorites....
Ames Sunglasses- Graphite Frames

Ellison Sunglasses- Whiskey Tortoise Frames

Duckworth Eyeglasses- Oak Barrel

Zagg Optical- Striped Sassafras

Ripley Optical- Oak Barrel

As an advocate for "fashion with a meaning" I can absolutely say that this is the company for all you die hard All Size Fits One fashionistas. Get all the look of super expensive thousand dollar frames for less than $150. Those shown above are only a few of the dozens of Fall styles Warby Parker released today, so make sure you hop over to their website so that you can check out all the amazing sunglasses and eyeglasses that this company has to offer.

The leaves may be falling, the trees changing colors, and women everywhere are breaking out their boots, but sunglasses are classic season round. So buy a pair to give a pair, and look super styish while ordering that pumpkin spice latte we all know you've been itching to get.

 Remember, by looking cute with your new glasses today, you are helping change somebody's blurry outlook on life forever, giving them the simple gift of seeing crystal clear.

Thanks you all so much for stopping by today.
Stay Stylish

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