OOTD: Army Chic- Outfit Planning Inside my Head

So I bought a camo vest, and I had no idea what to wear it with.  I got it thinking, "I love camo....I can definitely find something to pair with this right?" Wrong. I got home and for the life of me could NOT figure out how to wear the damn thing. What did I do to solve my fashion dilemma? Get on Pinterest of course for a little inspiration, and although I didn't straight up copy ONE look enough to make this into a Pin-Spired article.....I took bits and pieces from random women's outfits to come up with the look you see below, and this is how I did it.  This is the thought process that goes into creating a look like this, from the Viktoria's brain P.O.V.

Camo goes really really well with one color that gets overlooked a lot, red.  So I started with a pair of skinny jeans. 
"That's not too bad right? Ok, We're off to a good start..."

From there I found a picture of a woman wearing her camo vest with a cute screen tee and took that inspiration to pair mine with this skull tank that I got from JCPenney a while back.  You saw it before paired with some mint skinny jeans, and floral heels! Remember?

"Now for jewelry..... gold or silver? gold or silver? AHHH! I don't know.  Wait a second, I have these little coral studs that I got a while ago at Target for like 80¢, where are those little guys? Ah, here they are.  Ooh, these match my jeans flawlessly, and there are gold bracelets on them so I guess I'm going to pair the rest of my look with gold too.  Yeah."
I think these look good, kinda goes with the toughness of the camo and the skull.  So BCBG 'Fearless' bracelet, and Charlotte Russe spiked cuff, it's your day to shine.
  "You know what, it's still hot outside, screw it I'm wearing wedges.  Plus...the gold on these adorable shoes matches my jewelry so it's a win-win!"
 "Yup, I look gooooood.  Time to start my day."


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