Old Trends Die Hard: Bringing Neons Back!

You know what, Neon had a great comeback this past year and half and it had a really good run.  Everywhere you looked, it felt like you were at a 90s rave with all the neon everything that was taking the fashion industry by storm.  I first "documented" a super bright neon look for my SUMMER 2012 Trends Series.  Since I have so much neon built up from the past year and a half I decided to bring it back for two days in today's Old Trends Die Hard!

'Neon Pants'
For this first look, I am working with a pair of bright neon pants.  To bring this look current and not "so 2012" I immediately added black to tone down the super bright, neon green skinnies.  The last time you saw them, I was wearing them with a Calvin Klein Blazer.  Even though the tropical trend is dying off, I STILL can't get enough of this blouse from JCP, and since it's still hot as sin here in Phoenix, I am reaching for this green tank at least once a week lately.  To complete my look I added a fun sparkly green and gold spiked necklace, that you last saw worn with a black leather peplum, and then added my most recent Christian Siriano for Payless pumps!

'Neon Blazer'
For this next look, I brought out my obnoxiously flourescent neon blazer that I recently devoted the longest blog post in the world to.  I last wore it 2 ways in the middle of winter, but now I am bringing it back by pairing it with these fairly new black and white trousers, that I got at JCP for $10 on clearance.  The blouse that I am wearing is a colorblocked black and white box top from Forever21 that I ordered in pea green/white and black/white.  Although the bright blazer would have been enough, I added a neon necklace as well because sometimes "matchy matchy" looks fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by today ladies! 
Stay stylish!

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