A.W.I.D Sequin SKIRT?

 I've seen fashionistas, bloggers, and Pinterest-ers have mildly different variations of this look, so I decided to put MY spin on it and add it to the community. 

One thing I love to do with any simply cut dress, is layer pieces on top of it so that it looks like a skirt.  It's hard to purchase party dresses because they rarely get worn, but today, mid-September, I am busting out my New Years Eve dress and it styling it so it stays Fall appropriate. 

I simply layered a denim button up and my cargo jacket on top, and added a pop of leopard to top it all off! Lately, I've been keeping things simple, not over analyzing my outfits, and I have become so obsessed with my looks recently.  Sometimes you've just got to change your perspective to get even more out of your wardrobe.  

Stay Stylish Ladies!

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