Fall Lookbook Part 1

So I had a change of heart.  Instead of posting different articles for my Fall OOTDs (where one item from each look will roll over to the next, to show you that normal women just style things differently to get the most of their wardrobe) I will be posting a FULL FALL LOOKBOOK so you can see the head to toe outfits instead. Why the sudden change? Because I have something super exciting planned for October and if I posted all my "rollover" OOTDs regularly, in separate articles, I wouldn't have them all posted by October 1st.  
SO, you will still see all of my Fall looks, they will still have one piece roll over into the next look and you will see exactly which piece that is.  Now remember ladies, I already posted the first look.
✶If you missed the first look, make sure to read it here!

'Return of the Fox'
Rollover piece: Cork Wedges 
Where they're from: Target
For this look I styled a fox sweater. Last fall and this fall little foxes are all over the place. Everyone is releasing their version and they are flying off the shelves yet again, just like they did last year. In my opinion, this is an outfit that looks good on any woman. Just take your favorite skinny jeans and layer your fox sweater with any fun colored button up collared shirt and accessorize with tortoise shell jewelry!

'Plaid On Top'
Rollover Piece: White Jeans
Where they're from: Express
For this look I styled my white jeans a different way. A lot of people wouldn't wear white jeans during Fall, as they are usually associated with spring or summer. I, however, am not one of those people. I drew inspiration from the lining of this blazer and paired it with a red, polka dot shirt. To complement the bright red I added cognac accents in the form of a belt and slouch boots.

'Browns Chic'
Rollover Piece: Cognac Belt
Where it's from: Thrifted
For this outfit I decided to style a football jersey in a fashionable way. To be honest, I used to be so ANTI "fashionable football fan".  I'm talking about the women who wear a necklace and high heels to a sports game in the teams colors trying to be all cute.....no. BUT you know what, I will make an exception. The only way I like to put a twist on football fashion is with an actual licensed jersey. Not "cute team colors", but styling an actual football jersey. My team is the Browns, so I paired my jersey with orange shorts and a cognac blazer then topped it all off with these dual toned, brown shoes.

'Shorts for Fall'
Rollover Piece: Orange Shorts
Where they're from? Joe Fresh for JCPenney
I know you are probably thinking, why shorts? But I wanted to make this lookbook diverse so that different women all across the U.S who live in different climates can relate to at least one outfit. If you live in a warmer climate, but still want to feel Fall appropriate, you can style orange shorts with a denim shirt and a striped sweater. I love this look with my black ankle booties that I am getting a ton of use out of.

'Summer Skinnies'
Rollover Piece: Striped Sweater
Where it's from: J.Crew clearance
For this look I took yet another pair of pants that you may have in your wardrobe, but bought for spring or summer. I bought these beautiful emerald skinny jeans when the color was huge a couple months ago and took the same sweater from the last look. I paired it with a huge scarf from H&M. I think that store has the best selection of scarves that are not only gigantic but also reasonably priced, around $10/$12. I have gotten so many great deals from that store, and this scarf is one of them. 

'360˚ Leopard'
Rollover piece: Studded Combat Boots
Where they're from: the Steve Madden Store, Las Vegas
Target has some of the best pieces I have ever bought for my wardrobe, but they are all from the misses department. Usually I stay away from the juniors department because things do look a little cheap and the hem lines are a little too short for my taste, but I occasionally find pieces I like. I seriously have way too much leopard print, it's kind of a problem, but I didn't own a leopard print circle skirt so I could buy this right? Whatever, I validated it in my own head. I let the skirt do all the talking and paired it with a simple chiffon blouse that I found at the thrift shop. 
'An Unlikely Couple'
Rollover Piece: The Belt
Where it's from: Aria
For this look, I altered my dress without doing any sewing.  A great way to change a maxi to a midi is by belting at the waist and then pulling up your dress until you create a large overlap and it gives the illusion of a midi length.  To add some fun fall color to the black dress, I added a cargo jacket and a fuchsia scarf with my Ebay earrings.  I adore the color combo of olive/cargo green and fuchsia....you'll be seeing it a lot the next couple months. 

Alrighty ladies! I hope you all enjoyed this Fall Lookbook, if you have any questions about where specific pieces are from, or kind words...feel free to leave them in the comment section below! 
Stay Stylish

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