Battle of the Scuba Skirts: White vs. Black!

When I found this skirt at JCPenney months and months ago, I had no idea what I was in for.  I liked the mirrored print a lot which is the main reason I was so attracted to it, but when I picked it up and tried it on, I fell it love with the fabric as well.  I honestly have no idea what the proper name of this material is, but I just call it "scuba" since the material reminds me of wet suits.   So today I will be showing you how I like to style my scuba skirts. I bought two of them about 4 months apart with two completely different prints, but from the same awesome store.....JCPenney, of course!

For this first look, I took my mirrored print scuba skirt and mixed prints.  The deep orange color in the skirt complemented my bright orange top fabulously.  I paired it with some brown leopard print BCBG pumps that I got from my Aunt last year. To polish off my look with some frosting, I decided to go with gold jewelry.  I added a BCBG inspired bracelet that I got from Kohls for less than half the price of the real ones, in this cute orange color that says "FIERCE" and my pave link bracelet from J.Crew that goes with just about ANY look possible.  My earrings are homemade and I have been getting tons of use out of them lately because I'm on an orange and yellow kick!

For the second look, I decided to go SUPER bold with an edgy, and rock a risky look that is cohesive by color.  The color in my top, from the sequins of the lips, complement my thermal looking scuba skirt flawlessly.  Since this skirt is black based instead of white based I decided to use silver accessories instead of gold, like in the outfit above, and reached for my mini-studded belt, a matching bracelet (that I purchased years later from a whole different store) and my chunky oversize chain necklace from Express! For shoes, I kept it simple with some petite studded Jessica Simpson pumps that I got a couple years ago.

Which look did you like better? The white skirt with flowers or the black skirt with thermal print! I'd love to know so feel free to leave a comment below :)

Stay stylish ladies!

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