OOTD's Explained: Peach and Mint.......Again.

I recently had someone ask me why I do the OOTDs when I have these other extensive articles with all this explanation and multiple outfits, so I figured I take a second to explain before I did this one.

When I do a Pin-spired, Style Session or Series the point is to be informative.  I use pieces for those articles that can be generalized instead of specified.  If I say floral top rather than link a specific shirt from Forever21 or Target, you can learn a fashion lesson and replicate the looks if you want with whatever pieces fit the bill.  With my Outfit Of The Day articles, they are more for fun if I just liked my outfit that day and want to share it with you all.  You can look just to look or maybe one of you will get an idea of some sort from it.  Usually the OOTDs have more detailed photos, and any multiple outfit articles are more focused on the looks as a whole.  Sometimes, articles I'm wearing in my OOTD's are old or sold out too.  That's really the only difference.  With any and all outfits though, if I've worn a piece before I will try to link it and or mention it so that you can see the versatility one women's wardrobe can bring her.  After all, the best way to get the most for your money is to wear something more than once.

Today, I wore this beautiful peach colored dress from Forever21.  When I got it I was shocked at the quality because it was just an inexpensive as everything else in their store.  It is part of their specified line called Love21. The pieces are all part of a more "adult" contemporary line of clothing for the older crowd, being mid 20 to early 30 year olds.  I paired it with a soft mint bubble set that I got from my old job, I miss that store :(  I kept is soft and simple with a pair of snake print sandals I got a while ago from DSW! 

**VikTip: With a fully solid color outfit like this, you can have fun with your purse if you want to add some prints to your look.**

Thanks for stopping by today guys! I hope you're not getting too tired of this color combo :)
Love you all! Stay stylish

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