Fall Trends Series: Outfit 3

What are the InStyle Trends?*

 For this look we are going to be playing around with Fall blues and tapered trousers.  Some women can be intimidated by "trousers" instead of your average skinny jeans or hell, even sweatpants but they look so incredibly chic it is definitely worth trying out if you have the confidence to wear them.  For Fall, you want to to stick to darker hues of blue like Navy, and stay away from the super bright cobalt and royals. 

Who is the woman?
This is a woman who works in a professional setting, but is allowed a little slack with her dress code.  A corporate fashionista if you will.

Where is she going?
To work of course, and maybe out for drinks after.

What is she wearing?
To replicate this look you may need to do a little hunting....for pants.  These pants were just $10 on clearance at JCPenney but exemplify the tapered trouser trend.  They aren't fitted all the way down, they are tailored, and I think a lot of people think that those two terms are one in the same.  Once you find a fantastic pair of black, white, or B&W printed trousers try keep the rest of your look solid.  Blue goes well with black and white so all you need a solid blue silk blouse, and then top off your look with matching blue shoes of your choice, and a tuxedo blazer for a little pizzazz.  

Stay Stylish

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