Outfit October, featuring the Alphabet

Hello Ladies!

In honor of Blogust I have decided to take on the challenge of blogging every day again.  BUT THIS TIME THERE IS A TWIST!

The last time I did this I had outfit articles, Pin-spired, A Day in the Life, Packing Tips and so much more. This time, I'm focusing every single day on the articles that get the most attention...OOTDs!

Every single day will be showing you different outfits I am wearing but they will all be showcasing trends.  I've already discussed the Fall Trends (according to InSyle Magazine) that were seen all over the high fashion runways, and showed you street level outfit ideas that a normal woman could wear day to day.  I've also shown you a two part Fall Lookbook (part 1 / part 2) where each set of back to back looks shared an article of clothing, shoes, or an accessory.  Now, it's time for Alphabet Trends!

Every day will feature a different trend, starting with a different letter of the alphabet in alphabetic order, A-Z! Each trend will feature at least 2 looks (one genuine OOTD, and one extra look that I put together just for you guys), and some of the letters will be represented a couple days in a row.   Just so I can make sure I fill the whole month, as there are 31 days in October, and only 26 letters in the alphabet.  

Some of these trends are specific to 2013, and some are classic Fall trends that come back year after year.  I hope you all enjoy this OUTFIT PACKED OCTOBER!!! I'm very excited to have the opportunity to give you a solid month look into what I wear daily and also challenge myself to put an extra look every day just to share with you all!

Stay stylish.....see you October 1st!

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