A.W.I.D Leopard Shift

Ok Ok Ok, I love this dress. I feel like I say I love everything I wear but I really do, or else I never would have bought it in the first place.  This dress though, was one of those pieces that I didn't think I could afford and for some reason decided to check out the price tag anyways, thinking I would be teasing myself, and instead found out that it was only $22 BUCKS! Yes....and here I thought it was hundreds of dollars.  MNG brand for JCPenney tends to be one of their more expensive brands, but they prices this dress excellently for all of us bargainistas.  

I am very particular about my leopard print, you can tell the ones that look cheap  I don't use that word lightly, so I literally mean it when I say cheap, not inexpensive.  If you want to look more expensive while wearing animal prints, I suggest looking for the prints that look "hairy" where you can see strands, buying leopard print that is printed onto calf's hair or prints that are made up of more than just 2 colors.  The multidimensional ones are the ones that, in my opinion, look way more high end.  Another thing to look for, like on this dress, are prints that aren't so "patterned".  Animals aren't stamped, their stripes and dots go every which way so when you find a print that does the same it looks more genuine, and expensive. 

When I wore this dress, I decided to keep it simple and pair it with my black ankle booties and my cream colored leather jacket. 

If you LOVE this dress, I would highly suggest buying it before it sells out. It runs true to size (I got a 10 if that helps you at all).  Buy it here. 

Thank You So Much for stopping by today.  I appreciate all the love and support from all of my readers, and I do what I do because you all keep on coming back.  Love You All!

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