A.W.I.D Joe Again

I love this dress so much, and I go it when I was on my buy-everything-in-sight-that's-orange kick.  I wore it to work maybe once or twice, and then styled it for a Complementary Colors article, then it just sat in my closet forever and a day.  

Today, I busted it out yet again so that I could wear one of my newest jewelry finds from Ebay.  I found this little frog necklace that reminded me of the one that J.Crew released a couple months back.  I bought the J.Crew frog bracelet, because I thought the necklace was too much, and I immediately regretted not getting it.  I was thrilled to find this amazing look for less for just less than $15.  

Every once and a while I will match my heels to my outfit, and every once and a while...they won't even match my purse.   Today, I played around with that.  The fun part about the blue purse, and orange shoes is not only the fact that I am playing with complementary colors again, but that fact that they are in fact cohesive in a hidden way, they have the same texture.  

To finish off the look I merely added a denim jacket.  

I hope you all enjoyed this outfit! 
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Stay Stylish Friends!

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