Yes, that's right! A.W.I.D

I know you're wondering what in the heck the D stands for though because last time it was an S for Shorts.  The D this time is for DRESSES! Since everyone seemed to really like the "A Week In Shorts" articles I decided to bring back the series, giving it a go with a few of my dresses.  

When I did the week in shorts last time, it was to gain confidence and overcome insecurities that I had with my thighs, flaunting them for a whole week until I was completely comfortable with myself, and it WORKED! By the end of the week, after tons of compliments about my outfits and not a single person giving me strange looks that I thought I would get, it occurred to me that I focused so much negativity on something nobody else seemed to notice in the first place.  It all happened at the most perfect time as I moved to Phoenix because I was no longer insecure about my thighs so I could fully embrace my shorts collection and get a great tan on my legs in the process.  Now that is IS starting to SLIGHTLY cool down, I can wear my dresses that I had been stocking up on with my last job.  I wore dresses to work at Aria daily and since I've gotten to Phoenix, I don't think I've worn one once.  A.W.I.D is not to overcome insecurities, but to style some dresses that have been neglected for quite a while now!

I highly suggest people challenge themselves to wear something for a week.  Whether it is to overcome insecurities, style pieces you haven't worn in a while, or just focus on your favorite items for 7 days straight.  Now, ladies, let the fun begin! I will be revealing a new article every day for the next 7 days so you can see what I'm wearing and how I've styled my dresses! 

Stay Stylish

P.S- I WILL still be doing the Fall Looks OOTD where one item rolls over into the next outfit, but I have a fun little background in mind, so shooting has been postponed temporarily, they WILL still be published in a couple weeks...so just enjoy the articles I will be posting until then! Thank so much for your patience!

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