October Alphabet Trends: D is for...

'D is for Dress for Success' 
 Even though it's only October, it feels like Christmas at the mall.  Now don't get me wrong, they aren't decorating the malls in twinkle lights and pine trees just yet, but if you've ever worked retail you know that Fall means Christmas.  Everybody starts buying their holiday gifts, there are super sales trying to clear out the floors for Christmas season, and everybody everywhere is hiring extra staff, and interviewing...but what do you wear? 

In the past month I have interviewed for a number of positions, after leaving my job to move to Phoenix, and have applied to jobs at various levels of the corporate and retail world which means what I wore changed drastically based on the interview. In my humble opinion, no matter where you are interviewing, you should always stay fairly covered up and interview appropriate. Whether you plan on being a sales associate at the mall, or you're entering the corporate world for the first time, some of the interview attire basics won't change. The length of your hem if you're wearing a skirt or dress, the amount of jewelry you wear, and your make-up. Below, I have put together 3 looks for 3 different types of positions you may interview for.

1.) The Corporate/ Office Interview
You can never go wrong with a "power suit", by simply pairing a nice black slack with a blouse and a black blazer. This is something that you would wear if you are interviewing for a corporate/office position.
Things to Note: 
-When it comes to a dress pants, make sure the hem of your pant falls right at your ankle and doesn't drag on the floor.
-When it comes to blouses, if you are well endowed like me, stick to ones that don't button up.  The worst thing to do if you are large chested is wear a button up that pulls apart at the bust and exposes your bra.   

Pants: JCPenney / Blouse: JCPenney / Blazer: Thrifted / Flats: DSW / Watch: Wal-mart / Pearls: Sears

2.) The Management Interview
Now this is something that you can wear if you are applying to a management type position. I think it's a nice medium between being too fashion-y and still being business appropriate.  Some women might not want to wear pant so wearing a nice A line dress that sinches at the waist is a great alternative. I paired my Merona dress with a Calvin Klein Blazer that I got from the clearance at the Outlet mall. 
Things to Note:
-When it comes to wearing dresses (or skirts) make sure they come to your knee and aren't really tight.  You want to stick to A-line skirts or pencil skirts, and dresses that flow and preferably have a collar. 
-When it comes to blazers for interviewing, look for blazers with two or more buttons.  Usually the blazers that have one or no buttons are fashion blazers, which means they are just for show.  
-When it comes to pumps, try and keep your heel height 3" or less.  Anything higher and you are entering "Sexy shoe" territory.

Glasses: (prescription) RayBan / Pumps: Jessica Simpson +T.J.Maxx  / Dress: Target / Blazer: Calvin Klein

3.) The Retail Interview
  Here's an idea for an interview outfit if you are applying to a field that is fashion related.  It's the perfect combination of interview attire, and showing your cute fashion twist. I kept the base fairly basic with a dress slack, and a maroon blouse with a scoop neck, then layered on a leopard print blazer. 
Things to Note:
-When it comes to color, no matter what season it is, try to stick to darker tones and not wear super saturated colors or neons.
-When it comes to jewelry, less is more. Other than chunky watches, wear stud earrings and simple necklace like the one pictured below. Also, stick to less than 3 pieces of jewelry excluding watches. 

Pants: JCPenney / Blazer: +T.J.Maxx / Shoes: TJMaxx / Blouse: JCPenney / Necklace: Aria / Earrings: JCPenney
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