October Alphabet Trends: R is for...

'R is for Refashioned'
"Refashioned" to me, is anything that has been bought second hand, whether that is from a thrift shop, a vintage boutique or a store like Plato's Closet.

Fall for me is the season that I get the most out of thrifting, there are lots of pieces that are very easy to find at thrift stores, and below I will shop you looks that are 100% thrifted from the ankle up, even my jewelry!

Sweater Dresses, Vests, and Belts
If you want to rock a sweater dress this Fall but don't feel like paying more than $50 like some stores at the mall charge, hit up a local thrift store and look for a dress that about twice as large as you would normally wear.  My dress below is in fact a normal sweater  (supposed to fit from the waist up) by where I normally wear a size M or L in sweaters, I bought this one in a XXXL so that it fits me like a dress.  You can also easily find vests like this one, or even denim vest (or jackets that you can cut the sleeves off of) to layer over your new dress and belt a thrift shop belt on top to look super cute!

Name Brands and Classic Pieces
A lot of people have the common misconception that you can only find your grandpas sweaters or overly shoulder padded sequin prom dresses at the thrift shop, but if you shop at second hand stores that specialize in name brands like Platos Closet, Clothes Mentor or even (for the babies in your life) Once Upon A Child, you have no choice but the leave with adorable pieces that are nothing but stores you can probably find in your local mall.  Another great thing so save money on by thirfting is looking for classic, basic pieces like a simple black cardigan. 

Outerwear, Jewelry, and Fall Essentials
If your lucky and patient, you can can easily find cute outerwear like denim jackets and blazers, but I found this cute olive green corduroy jacket.  Another fabulous Fall find that I guarantee your local thrift shop has PLENTY of, is a plaid button down.  If you want the perfect slouchy shirt, make sure the shop the men's section or simply go up a size.  

Stay Stylish Ladies!

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