October Alphabet Trends: S is for...

'S is for SCARVES!'

Scarves do not discriminate based on one's personal style.  In fact, scarves are some of the most versatile wardrobe pieces that every woman can find no matter what.  They can with fringe, tassels, embellishment and so much more.  They can be square, rectangular, even triangular.  They can be made from inexpensive fabrics like polyester or cotton, or they can be super expensive silk wonders from all across the world.  Whether you are a super girly girl or a tomboy like me...I guarantee you will find a scarf to fit your needs this fall.  

With as many scarves as I have, the one scarf that SCREAMS my style is my simple black scarf with little skulls all over it. I have actually upgraded this scarf since finding one on Ebay, which was okay looking but when I received it in the mail I wasn't in love at all.  I kept it, since it was only .99¢ but later got a pleasant surprise when I was parousing H&M and found a black skull scarf (that I had been searching for for a while at that point) that I ADORED! AND it was 12.95 so there's that.

Every single time I wear this scarf, I still to a mostly black and white outfit. Today, I paired mine with a faux leather skirt and my denim jacket.  Since it is starting to get colder, I reached for my pair of thick tights and topped it all off with my simple black ankle booties. 

Now if you aren't as into skulls or leather as I am, you can use this fool proof fall outfit equation to get the most out of ALL your scarves. I guarantee this will look fantastic with about 99% of scarves.  Olive green pretty much pairs well with every color so if you have simply pair a cargo jacket with a white tee and some skinny jeans you will look fab.  You can pick a random color from your scarf and wear a pair of shoes in that color to complete your look.

Stay Stylish

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